15 Crazy / Weird Laws In The USA

Alabama:¬†Going to church?¬†Take off that ridiculous fake mustache¬†if you do ‚ÄĒ unless, of course, you don’t¬†intend¬†to cause laughter. In that case, it’s all good.

Alaska:¬†In Fairbanks, Alaska, it’s illegal to¬†serve alcohol to a moose. Which seems reasonable, but why did they have to make a¬†law?

Arizona:¬†Your donkey has to sleep somewhere, but it’s¬†not allowed in the bathtub. This dates back to a tub-sleeping donkey who was washed away in a flood in 1924 (he survived, but they passed the law anyway).

Arkansas:¬†You’ll need a permit¬†to feed your garbage to any pigs you happen to meet out in the world. If they’re your own pigs, go for it.

California:¬†If your frog dies during a frog-jumping competition, you’ll obviously be distraught. The good news is that it’s illegal for any of your rivals to¬†eat your late amphibian.

Colorado:¬†A porch might look inviting, but¬†don’t put a couch out there. This law was put in place to prevent college students from lighting couch bonfires.

Connecticut:¬†There’s not technically a law stating that¬†pickles must be able to bounce¬†in Connecticut, but a high-profile case of pickle fraud in 1948 revealed that the Food and Drug commissioner used the bounce test to test fake pickles.

Delaware: Cat shavers beware: You will not be able to sell your ill-gotten fur in the state of Delaware.

Florida:¬†Most places, a “Beware of Dog” sign is just a fair warning and a crime deterrent. But in Florida, you can¬†hang a “Bad Dog” sign in your yard¬†and be absolved of any responsibility for canine attacks.

Georgia:¬†Sort of like those Floridian dogs, Georgian llamas have carte blanche to wreak as much havoc as they care to. With very few exceptions, anyone who¬†“engages in a llama activity”¬†forfeits any liability on the part of the llama owner for injuries they might sustain as a result.

Hawaii:¬†It might be a little unusual, but we’re going to come right out and say the¬†Hawaiian laws against billboards¬†are a pretty good idea. Nothing kills the tropical vibes like a gaudy advertisement.

Idaho:¬†Again under the banner of laws we aren’t sure they¬†needed¬†to put into writing, Idaho wants you to know in no uncertain terms that¬†cannibalism is against the law, except “under extreme life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival.” Maybe it’s weirder that this is the only state that¬†does¬†outlaw it.

Illinois:¬†Illinois is (mostly) landlocked, but it still has a problem with excessive fish and amphibian ownership.¬†No one may own more than $600 worth of aquatic creatures¬†‚ÄĒ that’s about 75 salamanders, if you’re curious.

Indiana:¬†In French Lick Springs, Indiana, a 1939 ordinance decreed that all black cats must¬†wear bells on any Friday the 13th. It isn’t clear if the law is still on the books or not, but this might trump the time an Indiana man tried to¬†legally redefine pi as 3.2.

Iowa:¬†The pride of every Iowa State Fair is the one and only¬†butter cow¬†(and its attendant butter statues). So it’s not surprising that they take¬†butter fraud¬†veryseriously. If you’re spreading margarine or oleo, you’d better not claim to have the real deal.