Another 15 Crazy / Weird Laws In The USA

Kansas: Despite the fact that the law explicitly outlaws the throwing of snowballs, Topeka mayor Bill Bunten made international headlines in 2005 when he declared his intention to overthrow the ban in a hail of powdery projectiles.

Kentucky:¬†Some places have a tradition of selling artificially dyed chicks and baby bunnies around Easter, but¬†not Kentucky. At least, not if you’re selling less than six at a time.

Louisiana:¬†When you’re down in the Big Easy, nothing hits the spot like a big bowl of jambalaya. Word to the wise, though: If prepared¬†“in the traditional manner for public consumption,”¬†the dish is not bound to follow certain sanitation codes.

Maine:¬†If you’re playing beano in Maine (not¬†that¬†Beano; it’s a game not unlike bingo), you should feel free to take all of the bathroom breaks you need. The beano conductor will play your hand for you unless you’re playing high-stakes beano.

Maryland:¬†Pottymouths should watch themselves the next time they’re on the Eastern seaboard. In Rockville, Maryland, they’ll face¬†a $100 fine for cursingon a sidewalk or road.

Massachusetts:¬†You know how everywhere “The Star-Spangled Banner” is played, a dance party breaks out? Not in Massachusetts, where it is strictly¬†forbidden to dance to the national anthem.

Michigan:¬†Some states put down strict laws about when and where you can sell alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances, but in Michigan, it’s¬†cars that can’t be sold on Sundays.

Minnesota: It might sound like a lot of fun, but oiled-pig catching contestsare absolutely not allowed in Minnesota. The same law outlaws turkey scrambles, when the unfortunate bird is thrown into the air and players rush to catch it.

Mississippi: Okay, this is a very bizarre law (and one made specifically to make a political point). In 2013, governor Phil Bryant signed into law a declaration that no one could ever restrict the size of a cup for sugary drinks.

Missouri: If a bull or ram of a certain age is able to roam free for three days or more, at least three townsfolk report it, and the owner does not claim it, then anyone can feel free to capture and castrate it without facing liability for damages.

Montana:¬†Our favorite laws are the ones that offer a glimpse of what life was like in eras past. Apparently, in Montana’s past, train jackers¬†stopping a locomotive with a herd of grazing animals¬†was a major problem.

Nebraska:¬†To be perfectly frank, this law seems illegal, immoral, and hard to enforce. But if you’re following the letter of the law, then anyone with a sexually transmitted disease is¬†forbidden to get married.

Nevada:¬†Back before we wrapped our minds around how dangerous radiation could be, every shoe store was outfitted with an X-ray-based fitting machine. But you won’t find any in Nevada ‚ÄĒ¬†they’ve been outlawed¬†since 1960.

New Hampshire:¬†In New Hampshire, the seaweed that washes onshore can be collected and turned into fertilizer for a profit. But if you’re thinking of heading out to the beach in the early hours before the crowds, think again ‚ÄĒ¬†you can’t collect seaweed at night.

New Jersey:¬†Bulletproof vests are legal in New Jersey unless you’re wearing one while¬†committing a crime. In other words, bank robbery is super illegal, but it’s even more illegal if you have body armor on.