Unexpected 3 Day Weekend

So I am going back to work this evening after a long 3 day weekend. This was an unexpected three day weekend as I was unwell and took a sick leave on Friday. I’ve been nursing a bad cold, cough and phlegm infection since last Monday night. This started after I drank a lot of water on ice on Sunday night and then started getting the sniffles on Monday. At work they had cranked up the ac and it was very cold and by 10pm I had a bad cold.

Tuesday was the same and Wednesday it was a holiday on account of being Eid. Thursday was ok for the most part but I reached home only by 6 am and couldn’t get to sleep until 7 am and the power kept going off and coming back on and lots of construction work in the area next to me kept me awake for the most part. By 1pm I realized that not only was I really tired and ill I needed sleep. So I took a day off and went to sleep. Late in the evening I watched a movie then relaxed at my laptop desk and then watched another movie before I slept again.

Saturday I spent mostly in bed watching some movies and a few tv episodes. Yesterday I felt much better and I am taking a cough syrup that helps with my phlegm which is slowly dying down. I didn’t go out although I was planning to on Sunday but I just didn’t feel up to it and my Achilles tendon was flaring up again. So back to work I go.

Monsoon Is Here

The rains finally hit Kochi and the rest of Kerala this Sunday as the monsoon season is officially declared by the clouds over the state. Technically June 7th was the beginning but over here it really started pouring on Sunday.

Being at home all through the weekend I was watching a movie while in bed in the late afternoon when the rains started and other than a brief respite it has been raining throughout until Monday morning and the sun is mostly blocked by rain clouds. It isn’t raining now at 12 noon but the forecast is for showers and some thunder. Vigorous rainfall is expected across Kerala over the next 4 to 5 days. I just hope that it doesn’t get to be like last year with the heavy rains leading to floods that devastated parts of the state.

However, I must say that I love the rains. Especially when I am in the comfort of my home and in bed and can cozy up in my sheets and it’s raining outside. I didn’t feel like getting outta bed this morning and since I am only due to be at work at 7:30 pm I went back to sleep and that laziness won. A bonus, it’s not sweaty and hot and I enjoy this kinda weather. I do not enjoy getting wet in the rain but yeah I like this weather.