Summer Plans?

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Well summer over here, June to the end of August is actually the monsoon season for us which ends in September. It’s heavy rainfall as we are in a tropical climate area over here. But I like it as when it rains as it is gets very cool and well it’s perfect for what I like to do.

Stay in, drink and order in some good food and watch tv. Most of my currrent fav tv shows are done and will be back only by mid to late October. Which gives me a few months to binge watch my fav shows that are done. Like any of the 5 Star Trek shows or Stargate or Farscape, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica. So many others! I love rewatching my fav shows over and over again. Sitcoms are relatively easier to rewatch as it’s less than 30 mins per episode and when I come home from work at 2:30 am or 3:30 or 4:30 am I like to relax with 2-3 episodes of Friends or Corner Gas or Little Mosque or Seinfeld or Frasier. I love having a few laughs before I go off to sleep in those shifts.

So that’s the plan for this summer. I enjoy that the most. Some chips or pizza or chicken wings and some beer while I watch them will go down really well. I think I will start this weekend.