My Second Credit Card

After many years of not wanting to get a credit card until the age of 31, when I wanted a cc, and also trying to help an ex-colleague who had moved to Axis bank, I find out that my salary, at the time, was just shy of the minimum required amount (Rs.15,000) to be eligible for a credit card. So even if I did get a big & overdue salary hike for a promotion that was well over the minimum criteria, I didn’t apply for one. I am also the son of a former bank manager (not in India though; he worked for a bank in Kuwait) I was also told horror stories of people being in huge debts due to overspending and recklessness.

Finally when I was 36, and really wanted one, I applied for one and I was eligible but the bank, ICICI, told me that my application was rejected due to the fact that my then current employee being new hadn’t applied for PF license and that negated my application. I was pissed off as this was something I had mentioned earlier to the manager of the credit card section and she had told me that it wasn’t a problem. So then I waited and when I joined my current company, in 2015, while filling out the bank information for HDFC I also applied for a credit card. I got one a month later.

Now I have applied for my second credit card and it’s on it’s way to me. I have tried to be responsible and sensible and use my card wisely but I could use another card. Most people at work have 3-4 cards but I have been hesitant. The good thing about this RBL Cookies card, pictured on this post and the one on it’s way to me, has some discounts for Uber, movie bookings and Zomato (an Indian food ordering app) and you also get a Rs. 500 Amazon India gift card. So I think this is good.