Building Wardrobes

Well it’s happening. We had termites and the kitchen cabinets as well as the wardrobe in my parents bedroom as well as mine. The kitchen cabinets were the worst affected and second was my parents bedroom and mine is the least affected.

Well the kitchen is done. That is the biggest ofcourse with all the cabinets that we need. The bottom sections on one side were the worst affects and ripped off earlier. Which is when we realized that we had a termite problem. So that is done although it’s not as nice as I would have liked it. But that’s because we went with a mix of glazed aluminum for the edges and the rest is made of the kind of material you find on switches. Termites be damned.

So this evening they will break my cupboard/built in wardrobe and take the inside measurements and hopefully by this weekend, it will all complete. I am tired of this already.

Cell Phone Useage & Politeness

What are your rules for courteous cell phone use?

Aha, one of my pet peeves! This prompt is good. I personally feel that you should be able to use your phone wherever you are and whenever you need to. But there are exceptions when it comes to disturbing other people. Just be courteous and we’re all good. I hate it when people leave their phones on full volume while in the theatre and the movie has started and you hear their stupid ring tone loud and clear.

I hate it when people let their phones ring in public for a long time. In the bus, in the mall, in the public bathroom. Pick up the damn phone, asshole! No one wants to listen to your stupid phone ring out all day! We have a lot of noise as it is. Trying to take a piss or a shit in the public bathroom stall and then your phone keeps ringing out and you do not pick up – only if you aren’t taking a piss yourself. Cause then I know your hands are busy and you may want to wash your hands first before picking up your precious phone.

Also speaking very loudly while in public. Please stop doing that. It’s so fucking rude. Other than that we are good. Have your phone, speak to people, use the apps. Just be courtesous.

Prompt by 31 Days Of July Writing Prompts at the SitsGirls