Three Things Removal Companies Must Have

Moving home is stressful at the best of times and when you’ve got a lifetime of memories to be delicately packed and shipped, you’re looking at finding a removal firm that knows and values how important your shipment is to you and your family.

It’s important that you find a removal company that speaks your language and that you can trust with your precious cargo. In this blog, we take a look at three things your removals company must demonstrate before you hire them for the big job of moving you across state.


The last thing you need when trying to organise a move is to spend hours on the phone to a company and no-one picking up. Even worse than that, when you do finally get through you spend hours explaining your query and are left unclear whether your problem or question has really been answered or not.

You’ll have a good idea from your first impression of the company whether they are going to be good communicators. How did they deal with you when you made your initial inquiry? Was the information they gave you clear and easy to understand? How did they handle any questions you had? If there are any red flags with any of these questions, consider talking to other companies about your moving needs.


For the most part moves, long haul or just across town, are fairly straightforward. You have your key dates and it’s up to the removal firm to pack you and unpack you at the other end. But now and again you’re looking for something a little more specialised. This might be because you’re transporting fine art, antique furniture or because you have a piano that needs some extra care.

Rather than finding a general moving company, you’re looking for experienced piano movers. It might seem straightforward to move an instrument of this size but the awkward shape and the ease in which it can go out of tune or get damaged, makes it a job that only the experts should handle.

Give Options

Moving home isn’t cheap and your removal company should offer you options that reflect your budget. They should show the various options around moving insurance as well the different packages they offer when it comes to packing. You might choose for your removal company to pack up everything for you, from plates to shoes or you might choose to save a little money and do the job yourself, requesting boxes from them to do the job.

When it comes to moving home, you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible. Getting all the logistics in place so the move runs smoothly is hard enough, so you want movers on your side.

Shop around, pay special attention to the communication and what options your removal companies offer you and find a firm who matches your expectations and your budget. Get packed, get moved and get settled with movers that you can trust.

Making The Land Around Your Business A Bit Healthier

Your business may be operating out of a brownfield site, and whilst the environmental repercussions of that aren’t exactly massive, a continued use of the space may just add up over time. And when you think about it, offsetting your business’ carbon footprint is the name of the game in the modern day and age!

Even if you’re not working in an agricultural or environmental sector, you can do your bit to grow out and green up what’s surrounding your commercial property. So, to make your business look picture perfect from the outside, and to help make sure the world you’re living in and working out of is sustainable for the future, here are some ways to make the land your company owns a bit healthier.

Is it Green Enough Out There?

The greenery surrounding your business might need working on. After all, the more green and healthy your environment is, the more natural biodiversity you’re introducing to the area – and if you work within the inner city, you’re definitely going to be in need of a few more plants and trees around. If to clean up the air, if nothing else!

So, you might want to think about pulling your gardening gloves on, or hiring a team of professional gardeners to do the job for you. You’re going to need to til and irrigate the soil, at the very least, to make it usable and healthy for the years ahead. And the more you prepare now, the greater the rewards you’ll be reaping in the future; think about all the new plants you can dress your curb up with, as well as starting your own community vegetable patch. Simply put, focusing on your environmental greenery helps both the natural world and the human one!

Think About a Water Source

If you’re working on a property that has surrounding greenery, and space for a bit more, you can turn your mind towards including a water source. This is a great addition to any garden, whether it be a domestic or a commercial one, and you’re definitely going to enjoy seeing the new wildlife it brings to your working area. There’s nothing like peeking out of the window whilst at your desk and seeing a whole host of different birds and pond life come to visit!

And speaking of ponds… It’s the most accessible form of water feature, and could be a great focal point for your commercial landscaping design. Think about the curb appeal it would add to your business front; don’t worry, it won’t take much upkeep once it’s been built when you have something like a Tsurumi submersible pump in place to keep things flowing.

The land that surrounds your business, as part of the property you invested in when you first started out, deserves a little more love and attention. Hopefully we can help you give it!