Bad Cold & The Flu

This pic was me last night and this morning minus the thermometer. Yesterday at work, one of the new hire employee who was in my training batch came in to the office with a nasty cold. By afternoon he was shaking with fever and I sent him to rest in the dormitory. But I seemingly had caught his cold or maybe I got it from elsewhere.

By evening I sent him home knowing that he wouldn’t be coming back the next day as he was really ill. As was I. I started sneezing really badly and knew that this could be the start of a bad flu. I came back home and couldn’t even sit at my computer desk for more than 90 minutes. I went to bed by 9:45 pm and started shivering myself. I took some Paracetomol for the cold & fever. I fell asleep by 11:15 pm, after getting up to switch off the lights and the tv.

This morning I was still feeling the cold and terrible temperature so I took the day off and went back to bed after breakfast and napped for 2 hours. I sat up and watched Youtube for a couple more before going to bed again post lunch. Those naps made me feel so much better that by 6, after more coffee, I feel good enough and I can go back to work tomorrow. Sheesh!