Notes For 6-January-2020

Here are some notes for today:

  • Boring morning as usual, the Monday after a weekend is always boring, tiring and sleepy. I always get the feeling like I want to go out for a late lunch or get my haircut as I was planning to but sleepiness and laziness prevailed and I stayed in.
  • After having watched all 10 episodes of Timeless season 2, I have been watching the final season, season 5 of Fuller House, the sequel sitcom to the 80s-90s sitcom Full House, as well as Lost In Space season 2 on Netflix.
  • Once these two shows are over, I plan to start on The Mandalorian and The Witcher, both on Netflix yet again. This is why I reactivated my Netflix account after 3 months without it.
  • Been looking up hotel room options for my mini-vacation away from home. I found one that looks awesome and it has free wifi, a bar in the hotel, mini-bar in the room, cable tv and 24 hour room service. It ofcourse has a coffeeshop and a nice restaurant and other stuff but my criteria is a nice big bed and decent room, bar, mini-bar and wifi. The rest is just icing.
  • I plan to take my vacation around the last week of January.