No Thanks Godzilla

Can’t say that this is a Friday where I can say “Thank Godzilla It’s Friday” as I will be working tomorrow. I blame the strike we had on Wednesday.

See we had a nationwide strike or harthal as we call it in India after an increase in the number of farmers who have committed suicide due to financial problems, which are believed to be due to the government’s economic policies. The trade unions went on strike to protest rising prices, sale of public sector firms and other issues. Another reason was where the employees of BPCL were protesting the proposed sale to an American company/management. All these were termed as the government’s anti-people policies.

As I rely on Uber & Ola to get me to and fro the company – and since all public transport were not operating and ride share cabs were also afraid to ply their trade due to protestors getting violent, I decided to take the day off and work on this Saturday instead. Wednesday I did see if I could go a litter later on in the evening but the situation was still the same. So i sat back and watched a movie and slept early.