All Settled In

Well I am here. Ok so the hotel is quite near to my apartment, in the same city and just 20 minutes away. Like I said, I needed a few days away from my family and work and to just chill and forget about everything else. I don’t plan on going out, although I might step out for an hour or so tomorrow to get a USB stick if I can find one nearby.

I had wanted to check in at 12 pm, which is from when I am allowed to but we had a power outage at home and this led me to wait for a while before I left. I already had most of the things ready on my bed and by 11:20 am I went to shower and shave and then waited for a while. Finally I got ready and put all the things inside my bag. I left the chargers for my phone and my laptop for the last, which went into my laptop bag along with the HP and my mouse and my medicines.


There was a large traffic jam in the city which led me to be being late and I reached here at the hotel only by 1:15 pm. I checked in and the bellhop took me to my room. It’s a basic room; they have an upgrade available and a suite too. But who needs that? I asked for the wifi password and then by 2pm I ordered a mixed grill and 2 Heinekens. The dish was too much for me – it was a lot of chicken, pork, beer, veggies, French fries and bacon! And a fried egg on top of that. Whoa!

I ate a lot of it but still left a lot behind. I had one beer and having gotten very little sleep due to watching a football match and Eddie Murphy’s Delirious (on Netflix) I was tired. I napped for 2 hours. BY 5:30 pm I was up and ordered some coffee. I have a lot of chocolate with me so I plan on using that as desert. I have been binging on Youtube videos. I might try to read after dinner but I will most probably sleep early. I feel relaxed.