Day 3 At This Hotel

Day 3 of my stay : Well 3 days are almost over as it is now past 11pm on Thursday. How has it been so far? Well it’s been ok. I have stayed inside the hotel all this time. I have ordered in all my meals except for today’s lunch which I decided to go and eat in their restaurant for a change. Also I skipped breakfast this morning as I wasn’t hungry and I had some chocolate which I ate at around 11am.

Today I actually bothered to shower and shave. Yes yesterday as I slept in a lot, 5 hours during the day and I think 9 hours at night, I didn’t bother to shave or shower. I had the ac on all the time and it was cold so it was fine. Today morning I knew I needed a shave and a shower so I did at 11:30 am. The shower is so powerful that I had to put it at just a little more than half force. I used the hotel soap and shampoo and used their towels to dry myself. All decent options.

Unfortunately the buffet was not available today and neither is their bar open as today is the anniversary of Gandhi’s death/assassination. So I opted for an ice tea, American Chopsuey and a double scoop of ice cream. The restaurant was mostly empty except for a family of 3 in one corner and a guy who left 2 minutes after I sat down. Lunch done, I came back up to my room and took a two hour nap. I woke up and at 5pm I ordered some coffee, which isn’t very good by the way, and then have been online ever since. At midnight I will go back to sleep with more weird dreams.