The Day After A Long Leave

The day after a long leave is the worst you can ever have. Going back to work is a sad thing! Hehehehe. And especially when you work a late evening shift that ends at 3:30 am like mine. You end up feeling sleepy by 12 am as usually on my holiday I am in bed by then, underneath the covers and cozy. just waiting for a few minutes before I drift off. But no, midnight at the office means another 3.5  hours still left. I usually go for a coffee by 1 am.

Even worse is not getting enough sleep. Monday afternoon I even managed to sleep for 90 minutes in the afternoon, knowing that I will be tired later on in the shift. Still I was tired. I reached home by 3:50 am but there was no power. So I waited for 10 minutes so the security guard could switch on the generator to power the elevator and then came up to my apartment. I started sweating in the night but I managed to change my clothes and slip in between the sheets. I watched videos on Youtube for 20 minutes before sleep hit me. It was 6 am before the power came on.

I had woken up at the time as I was sweating and realized that the power had come on but I hadn’t switched the fan on in my bedroom. 30 minutes had passed since the power came on. I got up, switched the fan on, went to the loo to relieve myself and then came back in. I drank some water and slept till 11:45 am. And I am still tired. I even napped for an hour. Too tired even now. Ugh!