Ad Astra

Ad Astra (Latin for “To the Stars”) is a 2019 American science fiction adventure film produced, co-written, and directed by James Gray. Starring Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, and Donald Sutherland, it follows an astronaut who goes into space in search of his lost father, whose experiment threatens the Solar System.

In the near future, theĀ Solar SystemĀ is struck by mysterious power surges, threatening all human life. After nearly dying from an incident caused by a surge, Major Roy McBride, son of famed astronaut H. Clifford McBride, is informed by U.S. Space Command (SpaceCom) that the surges have been traced to the “Lima Project” ā€“ created 29 years earlier to search the limits of the Solar System for intelligent life, under Clifford’s leadership ā€“ from which nothing has been heard for 16 years after reachingĀ Neptune. Told that Clifford may still be alive, Roy accepts a mission to travel to Mars to try to establish communication with him, joined by his father’s old associate, Colonel Pruitt. Roy, famed among his fellow astronauts for keeping calm under pressure, shows little emotional reaction to the news that his father may be alive.

After taking a commercial flight to the Moon, Roy and Pruitt are escorted by U.S. military personnel to the SpaceCom base, located in a disputed war zone on the far side of the moon. En route in lunar rovers, they are ambushed by scavenging pirates, who kill their entire escort. Upon arrival at the base, Pruitt, whose heart function worsened after suffering stress, is placed into intensive care, preparing for an urgent heart operation. Before that, he gave Roy a classified message that if Roy should fail to communicate with his father, Clifford would have to be destroyed.Ā Roy transfers to the shipĀ Cepheus, bound for Mars. The ship receives a distress signal from a Norwegian biomedical research space station. Captain Tanner has theĀ CepheusĀ stop to investigate despite Roy’s protests, and Roy and Tanner make their way to the station. It appears abandoned, and the two split up, but Roy soon discovers an escapedĀ baboonĀ test subject feeding on Tanner, who is severely injured. It attacks Roy when it notices his presence, but he manages to kill it along with another escaped baboon that attacks him shortly thereafter. Despite

Roy’s attempts to save him, Tanner dies from his injuries, and a brief service is held where Tanner’s body is ejected into space. Again, Roy shows little reaction to Tanner’s death, but in a psychological evaluation, he admits that he experiences rage and recalls his father expressing his own rage. Another surge hits as theĀ CepheusĀ lands onĀ Mars, requiring manual piloting to complete the landing. The interim captain freezes in fear, while Roy using his vast experience as a space pilot remains calm and takes command of the ship, landing it safely. Roy is led to the underground SpaceCom base, where he meets facility director Helen Lantos and is tasked with recording voice messages to send to the Lima Project in hopes that Clifford will respond. Roy goes off-script with an emotional appeal to his father and is abruptly removed from the mission on the grounds of his personal connection, posing a risk to himself and the mission’s success. From the reaction of the observation team to his emotional recording, he assumes correctly that an immediate response from his father had been received and demands to hear it.

He is visited by Lantos, who reveals that she was born on Mars and was the daughter of Lima Project crew-members. She shows Roy classified footage revealing that Clifford’s crew had mutinied and tried to return to Earth, causing him to turn off their life-support systems; her parents were among those killed by Clifford. She tells Roy that the crew that brought him to Mars is leaving on theĀ CepheusĀ to destroy the Lima Project station with a nuclear payload. The two decide that Roy should confront Clifford himself, and Helen leads Roy to an underground lake beneath the rocket launch site.Ā  Hclimbs aboard as the rocket takes off and is subsequently discovered by the crew, who are instructed to neutralize him. The entire crew is inadvertently killed in the ensuing confrontation. During the long journey to Neptune, a solitary Roy reflects on his relationships with his father and Eve, his estranged wife. The isolation and stress of the mission take a mental toll, but after a couple of months, he arrives at the Lima Project. While approaching the station in a shuttle attached to theĀ Cepheus, the shuttle is damaged in a collision with objects inĀ Neptune’s ringsĀ and from another surge, preventing it from docking with the station. Roy enters the station via a space-walk while the shuttle drifts away.

Finding the station abandoned and encountering the dead bodies of its crew, he plants the nuclear payload before encountering Clifford, the station’s sole survivor, who explains that the surges are coming from the ship’s malfunctioningĀ antimatterĀ power source, which had been damaged in the mutiny. Clifford has continued to work on the project, refusing to lose faith in the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Clifford admits to Roy that he never really cared about his own family and no longer considers Earth his home. Roy copies data gathered by Clifford and his team for the Lima Project and persuades Clifford to accompany him back to Earth. He arms theĀ nuclear payload, and they climb out on the station’s surface to return to theĀ Cepheus. Clifford suddenly uses his spacesuit’s thrusters to launch the two of them off into space. Clifford pleads for Roy to untether them from each other; Roy reluctantly does so and watches his father drift into space. He manages to propel himself back to theĀ CepheusĀ using his own spacesuit. Without enough fuel to return to Earth, he relies on theĀ shock waveĀ from the nuclear explosion in the station to gain the required speed.

The data retrieved from the base suggests that humans are the only intelligent life in the galaxy. This inspires Roy to reconnect with those closest to him, and he returns to Earth with a newfound optimism. After expressing his opinions in a psychological evaluation, he reconnects with his estranged wife, Eve.

While not a very exciting, thrill ride on the edge of your seat, it’s a more thoughtful movie that dwells on the relationship of the man and his father. It’s got that vibe around it of expressing more in shots where there is no sound than with dialogue. It also shows how a single-minded quest can also cause problems and how we need to be more grounded. 7.5 outta 10!

Are There Any Benefits To Learning An Instrument As An Adult?

When you were young, did you learn to play a musical instrument? Are you all grown up now and wishing that you would have learned how to play one when you were younger? Stop wishing that you knew how to play one and start learning how to play a musical instrument today. Not only will you be turning your dream into a goal that you can accomplish, but by learning to play a musical instrument as an adult, you can also get a variety of benefits. Below is a list of some of the benefits that you can get from learning to play a musical instrument as an adult. Hopefully, by reading about these benefits, you will learn something new, and maybe, it will also inspire you to pick up a musical instrument.


Learning a new instrument does not necessarily mean that you have to leave your house because, with technology, you can learn to play an instrument online. Still, you may want to leave your house to learn to play a new instrument because socialization is important. If you are not socializing enough, then by taking in-person music lessons, you will have to leave the house, and you will socialize with your teacher. Perhaps if you feel like you need more socialization, you can also try to connect with other people who also have an interest in playing an instrument.

Your Brain

There are a variety of ways that learning to play a musical instrument can help your brain. One great benefit is that it can help with increasing the amount of grey matter that is in your brain. Research has found that ā€œthe volume of grey matter in a number of regions of the brain is higher in those learning to play a musical instrument.ā€ Ā Another way that learning an instrument is beneficial is that it can help your mental health; this is because when you play an instrument, it can help to reduce your stress.

Reaching For Your Goals

If you really want to learn to play an instrument, then setting a goal and working towards it can feel very rewarding. You can set smaller goals to work towards getting to your bigger goal of being good at playing the instrument, and when you get there, you will feel as though you accomplished your goal. If, for example, you have been wanting to learn to play the piano, then find a great place to take piano lessons and start going there.

Overall, there are so many benefits that can come from learning a musical instrument, such as wonderful benefits for your brain. There are also other ways to improve your brain if this is something that is of interest to you. If all of these benefits have you wanting to take music lessons then you should do some research as to where you can go to take lessons and start working towards your goal. Who knows, maybe someday you will be as good as Elton John is at the piano. Even if you arenā€™t, you can be happy knowing that you are getting so many other benefits from learning to play a musical instrument.