Look Who Came For Lunch

Look who came to my home and spent the early afternoon with me? Why, it’s Burfi the Pug. As some of you may know, Burfi is my sister’s pug. He lives with my sister, her husband and their 3 kids. He is almost 8 years old now and unfortunately since 2018 his eyesight has gone from bad to worse to the point that he is almost completely blind now.

I haven’t seen him since 2016, when my parents & I stayed in my sister’s apartment for a few weeks while there was work going on in my building (they had to change the elevator) and I spent a lot of time with the pug. Before that I had also babysat him a few times. But I haven’t seen him since May of 2016 as I hadn’t gone to my sister’s apartment since.They live close by and my sister visits my parents often and takes them out as well.


Today my sister, niece and my parents had gone for a movie at a little after 11 am and Burfi was brought here. I had decided to stay in and order a pizza for lunch so I could babysit the little guy. He took a few minutes to get used to the place as he hasn’t been here in ages. He also needed to get to know me again by sniffing me and realized after a minute or two “hey, it’s uncle Roshan” and he calmed down. He explored the rooms to make sure he knew what was where and then plonked down to rest.

They left and he was chilling for a while. I scratched his ears and his head and his chin, which he loves. I ordered my food and then fed him by 1:15 pm. I even gave him some of my chicken from the chicken wings I had along with the small pizza. He slept for a while but wanted more pets and seemed to be looking for me (I was in my bedroom and online) and I spent some quality time with him. By 3pm they all came back and my niece took Burfi down with her in the elevator and get into the car with my sister.