Howling Mad Teen

There I go again, another one of my weird little dreams. I tell you I have these really crazy and weird ones that sometimes I wonder if I do go see a shrink and he/she finds out about my dreams then he/she will have me committed, LOL!

Anyway, in this dream I am quite young, I think between the ages of 18 -20 and I am attending a college. I am kinda kinda slim in this video which is also weird as I have never been that slim in real life. Except when I was during the ages of 12-15. Anyways, I am studying in this college and staying in a hostel – a co-ed hostel which is unheard of in India! Not just that but my roommate is a girl and a very hot one at that. Though she and I are just friends and I infact have feelings for another girl who stays in a room down the haul with another girl.

Now this college is infamous for the ragging (hazing) that the older students make the freshers go through. It can go anywhere from intimidation to physical threats and taunting. A group of asshole older guys are tormenting us younger guys, though they refrain from troubling the girls. Nothing more than a few odd and crude comments are passed. They decide that they want to torment me more for some reason. One evening as I am with my roommate they call me to them and yell at me for coming to their side of the hall “late”. They hit me a few times, not too hard, rip a hole in my shirt, throw my books and stuff onto the floor and make me pick it up a few times.

They also make fun of my weight even if I am slimmer than I have ever been in my life. The next day they taunt me as I go to the shower. There is a gap at the side of the wall – not enough for people standing outside to see someone taking a shower or in the toilet but enough to throw small rocks and pebbles at. Knowing that it’s me in the loo and trying to take a leak, they yell obscenities and throw rocks at the gap – one of the rocks hits me on my face and another on the forehead drawing blood. This makes me mad and as they howl with laughter, my transformation begins!

Oh well I am a werewolf! I get angry and run out to where they are standing and yell swear words at them and then transform into a werewolf right in front of their eyes. I am an intimidating sight and the guys start to scream and then run. I catch up with all of them and rip their hearts out and maul them crazy. And that’s when I woke up!

It was weird and crazy. Must be the heat and humidity getting to me.