New Tv For The Folks

So my sister and I bought our parents a new tv. A smart tv. Infact it’s the same brand and model that I bought back in October 2018 but upgraded. It’s an MI 4A pro 32 inch.

I placed the order on Amazon India on the 27th and it just got delivered today. I spent a few minutes registering the purchase on Mi’s website to arrange for an installation tomorrow and get the wall mount unit. We already have one for my parents’ old tv (bought in 2010) which is a Samsung. But I think we should move it down a little and hopefully the installation guy can get them down.

One thing is it’s a smart tv and I will have to share my wifi with them if they want to stream. Hmmm do I want that? Well, they watch a lot of cable tv anyways and the crap that they want to watch is anyways available on the cable tv channels. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom – man, I would love that! I wish I suddenly had so much money that I never have to work a day for the rest of my life and I still have lots of money. Lots of money for luxuries that I would love to have. Ofcourse I do not have that many things that I need once the basics are covered – nice big luxurious house or apartment, great furniture, the latest and best electronics that money can buy, and chauffeur driven cars. And ofcourse the same for my family.

That much money and stuff aside, I won’t have too much stuff that I need on a regular basis. Clothes, dvds/blu rays, shoes but most of them aren’t that expensive anyways. And work – Man, would I quit and never look back. I would watch my movies and tv shows and stay in most of the week but I would go out once or twice. Read, listen to music and not have to worry about a damn thing.

That is the life to live man. Do not worry about anything and just relax. A life of retirement with some ….. okay lots…of money to spend and in no hurry to do anything. Peace!