How Do You Keep Your Kitchen Organized?

Organized? Hell no! I do not think my kitchen is organized much. Mum seems to know her way around the place as she has always been a stay at home mother. We recently – as recent as 6 months ago – has the kitchen cabinets redone due to a termite infestation. We also had issues with our refrigerator but luckily the oven had no issues. Speaking of, if you are looking for repairs for your appliances try the link.

So now, I do know that big pots and pans that are rarely used are in the bottom drawers. Smaller pots and pans are usually at the end of the counter, at the corner. Spices are in one shelf, sugar, tea and coffee along with small packets of pulses, my weekly supply of Act II popcorn, some other packets of small things we add to food. One big section has a glass door that houses the plates and trays, on the left is the glasses section for some fancier guests and we want to serve them juice or Tang or something. Below that is glass bowls for ice cream and pudding.

Between these two are the bigger glasses – my pint glasses for beer. I have 2 proper English Pint glasses, a skull mug, a 300ml frosted mug and a 500ml skull glass mug. Opposite that is another big section with two doors and two shelves. One has snacks – chips, biscuits and and a few other things and the bottom one has medicines. And another one has glasses, coffee mugs and a small tray with snack bowls. The one at the end separate from everything else has bug spray, cleaning liquids, washing machine detergent etc.

Ways To Invest For Future Security

Having enough money is not all about being able to purchase the things you want. It is about having security and knowing that your family will be looked after in unforeseen circumstances. For the savvy investors among you out there, you know that once you have a bit of money in the bank, you can make it work for you to increase your wealth and ability to have a financially secure future. There are many ways to do this, and here are a few below:

The stock market

The stock market is more or less the old faithful when it comes to discussions around investments. You don’t have to start by investing a lot. You could make a few small investments and see how you get on. The trick with the stock market is to diversify your investments and research. Companies will provide information on their websites that you can use to help you make a decision. There will be press releases and AGM information that you can utilize to understand where they stand better. You will need to think about the kind of investment you want, i.e., long term or short term. Longer-term investments are usually lower risk, but you need to keep the money there for the long haul. However, companies can incentivize this by giving out good dividends. Indeed in many cases, it is more about the dividend than it is about the share price itself, as this return is greater anyway. Short term investments are more about buying a lot of shares and waiting for a rise in share price and selling quickly. This can be done over and over but may involve a lot of work.

The property market

Investing in real estate is always going to be a good way to make money if you are savvy and know what you are doing. Do you want to buy cheap and sell on? Or are you interested in the rental market? If you have a lot of rental properties, you will need a property management company like Revid Realty, to help you. Purchasing a cheap property to sell on can come with its own set of problems. So, ensure that you invest in quality inspection and negotiate and play hardball on price.


Perhaps you have an interest in some collectible already, such as comics or vintage wine. You can use your knowledge to make you money. As with any sort of investment, you need to understand the market. That means you need to know what is a good price, how rare a commodity it is, how long you should hold onto it for, and who is interested in that commodity. If you have enough funds to purchase something like diamonds, which are seen as universal wealth, that’s great, but you still need to know what the future of that commodity is. Try to find out the financial projections of that particular diamond. If you are wise and research correctly, you will always have enough money for a secure future.