Lockdown in Kerala – Day 3

So after my last update on the 23rd, the state declared a total shutdown for the next 21 days. Today is just day 3 of the shutdown and I am already going bonkers. My office system was delivered to be during the early hours of Tuesday and it was during the evening of that same day that I managed to setup after much difficulty (it’s a little complicated) and I was soaked in sweat by the end of it. It also just happens to be the most hot & humid of days, which it might only get worse in April & May.

2.5 hours of that setup I was ready for dinner and at 10 we had a call with the team. We exchanged our statuses and updates. We will be working from home for atleast 21 days but this could be a longer situation. I then spent 2.5 hours on the phone with a member of our company’s tech support as I couldn’t get connected to the VPN. By 3 am I was finally able to log in and confirm it to the tech manager who helped me out. I then went to bed and watched some tv show episodes before falling asleep.

Yesterday I woke up at 11:30 am and had coffee and then just before lunch I ordered some food for our dinner. The food delivery options like Swiggy & Zomato are allowed to work from 7 am till 5 pm. So we might be ordering some food quite regularly. I watched some tv after lunch and then showered and at 5 got coffee and an evening snack. By 6:20 pm I was logging in to the system and reading my office emails. I started working on a report that kept me busy till dinner time. At 10 we had a long call with the team.

More work on a new agenda to counteract the current situation followed. By 3am I was ready to sleep but I was called for something else and stayed up till 3:45 am and then watched tv for another 90 minutes before falling asleep. Today more of the same I guess.

Giving A Home Buyer Absolute Confidence In Your Property

Selling a home has never been easier, regarding channels and options. You can go the private route, skipping over any real estate agent, choose to sell only to a foreign buyer only, sell to a real estate company, sell to the local government or go the traditional way of hiring a real estate agent. The avenues are very varied and each has its perks. However, convincing buyers your property is the best on the market is a totally different story. Now, you have to go above and beyond. If you don’t supply potential buyers with all the information they want, you will shake their confidence and lose them to another seller.

A case for potentiality

A surveyor doesn’t necessarily give you a price, they will give you a clear report on your property boundaries, measurements and potential options for future construction and the legal requirements you would need. Using this information, you can estimate the potential upscaling that your property is able to achieve if a buyer would like to extend, build a conservatory or increase a driveway, etc. Explain and show the potential of your property to a buyer, using the report the surveyor made. Talk to window experts to get some ideas and figures.

Go behind their back

Although real estate agents will price your property for you, it’s always a good idea to go behind their back and hire an appraiser. They will be working with you directly instead of with the real estate agent. This is important because a real estate agent might lower the price their appraiser gave them because they are trying to compete with other real estate companies operating in the same neighborhood. Your appraiser could give you a valuation that is a lot higher than what you were originally given. This could put your home in a higher quality bracket, which is crucial if you’re intent on attracting wealthy clients.

Everything above board

The all-important home inspection is definitely something you should do by yourself, i.e. not involve your real estate agent. Hire a certified home inspection professional. In certain states and or provinces, the bar is set low. You want a home inspector that has a wealth of experience, such as 25 years. They should also bring their thermography equipment so they can see where hot and cold patches exist. They will also be able to see through walls, so any hidden leaks inside your home will be spotted quickly. They can also give appliance recall notifications, so your fittings that will remain in the home can be replaced or repaired accordingly. Show the stamp of approval from a home inspector, and an interested buyer will have a weight lifted off their shoulders. Also talk to windows experts.

Be a bit gutsy

Allow your potential buyers to walk around the home as they please. Instead of giving them a guided tour of the property, be a bit gutsy and allow them to do it on their own. This shows supreme confidence in your property; just make sure you have cleaned everything and feel proud to present every inch of your home.

If you want your buyers to be at ease the minute they walk into your home, give them a couple of valuations instead of one. Show them a seal of approval from a certified home inspector.