Portsmouth 0 Arsenal 2

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said the club’s young players are “worth the risk” after his youthful team beat League One Portsmouth at a noisy Fratton Park to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals. Arteta named a side with six players aged 20 or under and they looked in control, especially in the second half, as they beat a team which had not lost in 19 home games and had won their previous 10. Pompey played well in the first half but trailed to Sokratis Papastathopoulos’ volley from Reiss Nelson’s cross just before the break. Eddie Nketiah bundled home from close range from another Nelson cross to wrap up the victory six minutes after the restart.

Pompey’s only shot on target came in the second half, with substitute Ronan Curtis’ effort saved. The other fifth-round ties are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The quarter-final draw is on BBC One on Wednesday at 21:50 GMT after Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester City. Arsenal came into this game on the back of their shock Europa League exit to Olympiakos on Thursday. Arteta – slightly surprisingly – made nine changes, with several fringe players starting, and defender Pablo Mari making his debut, despite the FA Cup being the only hope of silverware for the record 13-time winners. They lost Lucas Torreira to injury in the first half, the midfielder taken off on a stretcher after a tough but fair sliding tackle by James Bolton.

That was their only negative from the game at Fratton Park, though. Left-back Bukayo Saka – one of the two players to keep their place from Thursday’s defeat – forced a save and Gabriel Martinelli, also 18, headed over the bar. Sokratis opened the scoring with a wonderful volley from Nelson’s right-wing cross. And Nketiah scored his third goal since his loan spell at Leeds was cut short when he controlled Nelson’s cross before rifling into the roof of the net from close range.

New Tv For The Folks

So my sister and I bought our parents a new tv. A smart tv. Infact it’s the same brand and model that I bought back in October 2018 but upgraded. It’s an MI 4A pro 32 inch.

I placed the order on Amazon India on the 27th and it just got delivered today. I spent a few minutes registering the purchase on Mi’s website to arrange for an installation tomorrow and get the wall mount unit. We already have one for my parents’ old tv (bought in 2010) which is a Samsung. But I think we should move it down a little and hopefully the installation guy can get them down.

One thing is it’s a smart tv and I will have to share my wifi with them if they want to stream. Hmmm do I want that? Well, they watch a lot of cable tv anyways and the crap that they want to watch is anyways available on the cable tv channels. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom – man, I would love that! I wish I suddenly had so much money that I never have to work a day for the rest of my life and I still have lots of money. Lots of money for luxuries that I would love to have. Ofcourse I do not have that many things that I need once the basics are covered – nice big luxurious house or apartment, great furniture, the latest and best electronics that money can buy, and chauffeur driven cars. And ofcourse the same for my family.

That much money and stuff aside, I won’t have too much stuff that I need on a regular basis. Clothes, dvds/blu rays, shoes but most of them aren’t that expensive anyways. And work – Man, would I quit and never look back. I would watch my movies and tv shows and stay in most of the week but I would go out once or twice. Read, listen to music and not have to worry about a damn thing.

That is the life to live man. Do not worry about anything and just relax. A life of retirement with some ….. okay lots…of money to spend and in no hurry to do anything. Peace!

Haircut Pending

It is very difficult for me to talk about haircuts. And this is because I am balding or bald as some people would say. My hair has two problems – my hairline is receding at an alarming pacing and I have a big bald spot that is growing at the top of my head. I call it the no front office and no godown look.

I have always had a large forehead. I guess it’s genetic from my mom’s side of the family. I used to be able to cover it without attempting to because I used to grow my hair longish – never shoulder length but close to it. My hair just naturally covered it up and sometimes, even if I comb it to the side, it would just flop over my forehead. Not so much anymore.

However I haven’t had a haircut in ages. It has been a few months and the hair on my sides and the back are kinda long. It’s irritating too as it is hot and sweaty and I hate when my hair is matted with sweat and just clings to my skin or covers my ears. I get annoyed. So I am long overdue a hair cut which will remove most of the grey I have on the sides but enhance my balding head a lot more. Argh!

7 Tips To Make Blogging Easier

Hmmm, ok. These are just my ideas and thoughts but let’s give it a whirl.

  • Write about anything and everything you would like to share. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the concept or content may seem to you but write it out.
  • Unless you are an expert on a subject and want to create a niche blog that covers only one theme (sports or a particular sports, movies, music, books, television shows, technology, religion, atheism, cars, bikes or politics) do not deny different topics to come up in your blog.
  • Write every single day. It will soon become a habit. Just ensure that you make atleast one post a day.
  • Look out for inspiration in the form of blog prompts. There are many out there. Just Google it! This one itself is from a blog prompt :)
  • Create an environment that makes you want to blog. Get a table or desk and a chair. You need to be comfortable to make yourself want to write consistently. If you like listening to music or a podcast while you write, then do that.
  • In your daily life – work, family, friends, going out, having fun, commute – look for moments you want to blog about. Look out for things you want to write about. Take pics. Lots of them! Jot down notes if you need to when you are away from your pc/laptop.
  • Share your posts on social media. If people start sharing it and appreciate your posts, you will be inspired and motivated to write even more.

Prompt from 31 Days of March Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls