Rains (Not Yet)

Rain! Sometimes I crave it. The way the heat and humidity has been acting up I have been sweating buckets and suffering throughout. A few days ago it rained a little bit. I left the windows in my room open so I could get a cool breeze. However it was short lived. The very next day it was hot and humid again and the sun was too bright. The taps start giving out hot water, especially the borwell taps that we use for the toilet and for washing clothes and dishes.

Now I usually take a shower in the afternoons after 4:50 pm or maybe at 5pm. At least it’s better in the main taps for showers which is provided by the local municipality/coorporation. It starts off as hot from the showers but if you wait a minute or so it starts to cool down and you can easily get normal temperature water. Today at around 6 pm it got really cloudy, with several sounds of thunder and a few bits of lightning coming from these dark clouds hanging in the skies a bit to my right. There was some cool breeze and I had hoped it would rain but it didn’t. I wish it would rain down.

After all this heat and humidity, a nice cool breeze just danced it way to me, blew my lungi up a little and tickled my balls. Lovely! But still we are thirsting for the clouds to just open up and the rains to start pouring down heavily with lots of cool breeze. If only.