Loneliness is usually a bitter friend that refuses to leaves you alone. During this lockdown, 34 days in, makes it seem even more bigger. I have actually been quarantined inside the confines of my little apartment for 37 days (I just didn’t go out for 3 days before the actual lockdown was enforced) but it seems much longer.

Way longer. For a bachelor who is lonely and unable to go out into the world, it just seems to enhance my loneliness. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one in this situation and there are tons of people worse off than me. I have clean clothes to wear every day, good food that is either cooked at home or delivered via one of the online delivery apps. And yes I am getting paid because I have been working from home but it seems like we are being taken advantage off, being forced to work an extra hour per day and shift timings that are crazy.

The heat and humidity have only made things worse. Trying to work at your desk while sweating and getting drained is a nightmare. Yesterday it rained quite a bit in the afternoon. I slept off after removing the plugs for my tv, computer and router as I don’t want lightning to screw them up. Repairs would take a lot longer than usual. I am dependent on the interwebs for my entertainment, movies & tv shows and work as well. That is what is keeping me sane.

However having to stay in and not meet people, is weighing in on me. I am missing that interaction which for a bachelor who was missing women companionship anyways, this just enhances it a lot.