That First Crush

The first person you ever crushed on—and what were you thinking?!

I think it is safe to say that I was 13 and the first real crush I had was on this girl who was a class above me and 2years older. I mean I’ve had my celebrity crushes and all that (some of them still to this day) but the first time I had a real crush was in 1989 for this girl called Sophia. Or did she spell it as Sofia. I am not sure. What I am sure of is that I had it bad for her.

She was tall and fair and had thick curly hair which I loved. She was hot too! She was a bit of the silent type so I had difficulty in getting to know her. And ofcourse I was kinda shy and not really confident in my ability or lack thereof to win the heart of a girl like her. I think at one point of time I did tell her how I felt but she didn’t feel the same way. But that didn’t stop me from being friends with her. Eventually in a year or so I got over my little crush on her.

If I met her now I would say hi and catch up and then move on. She’s just another memory in a long line of memories. I am curious though to see how she is but it wouldn’t go beyond a casual curiosity.

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Are You A Hoarder Or A Minimalist?

I think I am somewhat of an inbetween-er. I love collecting stuff. When I was younger it was comic books and sports magazines. And later on as I entered my teens it was music, mainly rock magazines, that I collected. I got rid of all of them by the time I was 30.

But my main collection was music cassettes and later cds. I had one of the largest collections of rock and metal music albums in Kerala and perhaps even in India. Well….yeah I probably did. I never did take a full count so I don’t have exact numbers but yes it was a source of pride for me. However as we were moving from a nice big house to this small apartment I knew I had to save on space. By then I had most of my albums on cassettes on cds as well so it was an easy decision.

After I got all my stuff into this room, stacked them in a built-in cupboard and a steel one, I then looked around for getting a pc. This was 2006 September, so I wasn’t really thinking of getting a laptop. I got one assembled by the tech team connected to my then employers and then began ripping my cds into mp3s formats and saving them on the hard drive. Later, as my collection grew, I got an external hard drive (now changed to a new one) just for saving the mp3s.

In 2015 I started collecting Star Trek starships, which I have now stopped since they break easily and it is hard to clean if you display them without the boxes. Which is crazy. So I stopped at 45 but I do love them. DVDs are my thing now. I like to collect them as much as I can and have a nice collection to show off.

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