Final Meal?

The menu for your last meal ever

I’ve been fascinated with this fact that in some countries, they give the criminal who is about to be executed a last meal of his/her choice. And you can get anything – from a sweet snack at a local convenience store to a 4 to 5 course meal and even alcohol depending on where you are. In the words of Spock, “fascinating”.

Well this prompt just says last meal ever. So if the world is about to end tomorrow or if I am to die tomorrow and this is my last meal, what would I order? Tough choice but I will go with some tried and tested old family favourites and some additions. I’d eat some fried chicken a la KFC and some shawarma because they remind me of my favourite dinners from my childhood. Especially sitting down with my family for dinner. But I would also like some pizza and a burger with bacon and a fried egg for lunch/dinner. How about some tandoori chicken, bbq chicken, pork and beef? Some lasagna, noodles and fried rice? I’d like to finish it off with some ice cream and join my friends for a final booze fest. Drink beer, brandy & my fav vodka!

That sounds like a lot but I’d probably only eat spoonfuls or bites from each. That would be good. Man, my mouth is watering just thinking of that feast.

Prompt from Sweet ideas: 50 things to blog about

Starbucks Cravings

Well it has happened. I guess I am a basic bitch! LOL, I hate that term and I will call all who use it to go and fuck off. Yeah, fuck off cause we are not basic bitches. But I, as do lots of people, love Starbucks coffee.

I had been waiting for years for Starbucks to finally come to our shores and they have. So it is plain and simple to see that I would want to visit them over and over again. Now because of Covid and because the only Starbucks we have in Cochin is in Lulu Mall (which is quite crowded) I do not want to go there. Instead Zomato has a delivery service agreement with them. So I have ordered a few coffees since they launched.

Now with the 4th coffee that I have had from them (5th if you count the macchiato I had in Chennai back in 2015) I have a greater appreciation for them. But not for the charges which are really high. Though my latest frappe from them wasn’t the greatest. It was a strawberries and cream frappucino which was more artificial tasting than anything and had no coffee flavour. Point to self; avoid anything strawberryish from Starbucks. I’m already awaiting my next orders from them since I am developing quite the craving for sweet coffee and whipped cream with dollops of sinful chocolate syrups.

If only they weren’t so damn expensive!