Promoting Your Blog Via Social Media

How you use social media to promote your blog

Actually the prompt should be how do I use social media to promote my blog. Well I do it in a few ways and I should be doing a whole lot more. My main two social media apps / services I use are Facebook & Twitter for this. I guess I could also be using Instagram to prompt some blog posts as well but I haven’t really tried that out yet.

If I find that I have some posts that I think my friends on Facebook would be interested in, I will share that post on my Timeline. I rarely do it but I have started to do a few more in recent months. However each and every post gets shared via the Twitter app I have installed on my blog. At times I can see the likes or shares on Twitter. Problem is I stopped using Twitter regularly and only log in once a week or so.

Facebook remains the big platform that I use. I plan to share more posts and video clips of mine on Facebook and hopefully that will create a few more regular visits.

Prompt from 100+ BLOG POST IDEAS FOR 2021