January Embers

The month is almost over – has January 2021 gone the way that you thought it would? Even with the vaccine getting spread to some sections of the population, we are still a very, long, long way away from coming out of the pandemic. Some areas still have lockdowns or strict restrictions and that has kind of been the way of life for a few months now.

I think I have settled into the new normal pretty well. But anyway, we are talking about January. For all the talk of people saying that they can’t wait for 2020 to end and see the end of that year and welcome 2021, things haven’t changed. For all the talk of the vaccine, we are still a long ways before the entire world is vaccinated. Remember for things to go back to normal, everyone would have to be protected from the virus. It’s not enough if just a few million get vaccinated. It won’t make the difference that we are looking for.

And is it just me or did January take it’s time? It felt like it has been a very long, long month. I can’t believe that it’s only the 31st of January. But at times I also think that the holidays have gone by quickly and it shouldn’t be the end of January as well. It’s been weird that way.