Hanging In The Rains

Well the lockdown in the state has been extended. The lockdown which was supposed to be from May 8th till May 16th, which is tomorrow, is now extended til the 23rd. And I am sure if the number of infected don’t go down drastically within the next few days, they might extend it even further. Tightening the borders of each district and making people stay at home and only being allowed to venture out for the essentials (which getting most things delivered) has has a positive effect but it isn’t enough.

So I keep plugging along, working on my shifts and then watching tv or sleeping. I keep having to order food from outside since I am still alone. I have managed to make a couple of meals at home, especially breakfast which I don’t always eat and a couple of dinner or lunches. I plan to buy a big meal in the afternoon so that I can eat half of it for lunch and the rest for dinner after heating it up just before hand.

Now that it has been raining almost non-stop (it had stopped this morning and only picked up again in the evening) it’s also very cold and I feel like curling up in the sheets and watching tv without having to get outta bed. I will probably watch a couple of movies tomorrow and enjoy the comfort of my bed and bed sheets. Maybe I should order in some hot coffees from Starbucks or Cafe Coffee Day.