2 Day Weekend Isn’t Enough

And we are here at the start of another week, another 5 more days of working and sending out emails and conference calls on Webex. It’s another week of excel sheets and talks and stuff. It’s another week of administration on the client tool and getting ridiculous requests at odd hours of the day when I am not in shift. It’s gonna be rolling my eyes, keeping my thoughts to myself and wondering where is the light at the end of the tunnel :)

I feel that 2 days off isn’t enough in the grand scheme of things. I barely remember my Saturday as I was so sleepy throughout the day and even slept off in the afternoon despite only waking up at 12:30 pm. But yeah I only slept off by 7 am in the morning but then I slept for 2 hours in the afternoon from 3pm and 5 pm. 5pm I woke up and got coffee and then thought about what to order for dinner. I took a shower and ordered in a small pizza and a puff thingy. I was battling a cold so nothing to drink other than more coffee and water.

I watched some tv shows and fell asleep in between. Then I woke up and watched the rest of it and it was almost 3 am by then. Still amazingly tired, I switched off the lights and went to bed. I woke up by 10 am and got coffee and waited for my parents to come back home. I got us lunch and then watched Army Of The Dead and even managed to fall asleep during that. Movie was good. Evening was more coffee and we bought a grilled chicken with hummus, khuboos and garlic sauce. I drank a 7up and shot reviews for 2 movies. Then I watched Prometheus and went to sleep.