How To Beat The Summer Heat

How do you beat the heat? Give us some ideas for cool summer fun.

Summer is here and I keep seeing these commercial ads online about beating the heat. How do you beat the heat.

Stay indoors as much as possible. With Covid-19 and lockdowns, it has been easier to do that but in places like where I live it is still hot and muggy indoors. A ceiling fan just doesn’t do the trick. I put my ac on but not for more than an hour or so at a time since I am worried about high electricity bills. Keeping your windows open until late evenings is also good.

Ice tea & cold coffees help. Cold beer too. But usually you can’t drink all day long – well for most of us – and in the morning or afternoon or evening before it’s beer o’clock you can cool off with a nice cold ice tea or a cold coffee. Peach, lemon, raspberry or honey ice teas are awesome. Frappes and iced lattes are awesome. What more could you ask for? Ice cream and lots of it.

Ofcourse nothing else helps more than cold showers. Take two of them in a day to wash away that sweat and grime and keep yourself feeling fresh. In places like Kerala we also use prickly heat talcum powder like Shower To Shower or Dermicool that has that menthol freshness to keep you cooler longer.

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7 Things Being A Kid

7 things you learned from being a kid

1. Cartoons are the best. My generation had the best time and had the best fun watching the best cartoons. Then the late 1990s hit and all cartoon became shit.

2. Playing games & sports outside with your friends is great for growing up as a kid.

3. When we didn’t have cable and had just a few tv shows that we could watch, we had more entertainment as the shows we got were guaranteed to be the best at that time.

4. Spending an afternoon reading comics is something that I miss as an adult. There is something so safe about lying on your bed and reading Archies or TinTin and getting lost in their worlds on a lazy afternoon.

5. School was actually fun. It was great being in school and growing up. I realize that I had great friends and we had great teachers who really cared about us.

6. Hanging out with your friends as kids is something really special. Not doing much other than watching a movie together or listening to music or just trading jokes. It’s a special time.

7. When we grew up and turned teens I feel like it was truly the end of the innocence.

Prompt from Sweet ideas: 50 things to blog about