Post Covid: First Day Of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school for this academic year. Granted that during Covid we won’t have children going to a physical school but will instead learn from home on Zoom or other video conferencing tools. From my family my niece is in school, she is almost 15, as well as a few kids of my cousins too are in school.

This might be a good thing as usually the start of school here in Kerala also sees the start of the monsoon season. I remember one particular year, grade 9 I think, when the first day of school was called off as the school got flooded. The rains were so heavy and the water just collected (the school was at the bottom of a small hill) and people just couldn’t get into the rooms without wading through waist high muddy water. And hence, school got cancelled for 2 days! Sweet! I went to 3 different schools – Carmel School, Kuwait (kindergarten to grade 4), Indian School, Kuwait (grade 5) and Hill Valley High School, Thrikkakara (grades 6-10) – but the first day was always the same feeling. Like the beginning of a jail sentence. And being innocent of the crime!

I remember my first day of school. A proper school; I went for Kindergarten i.e LKG in a teacher’s home and then to Upper KG in Carmel School Kuwait. I was 5 years old. I remember being so excited and could hardly shut up the day before and could hardly sleep the night before. I was totally wired & excited; if you had put an electric cable in me, you could have powered the entire tiny nation of Kuwait for that day. All homes, shops, stores, warehouses & offices included! That’s how excited I was.

Vacation Staples

What is something you always take with you on vacation?

1. A book or two. Usually it will be fictional novel that is exciting and interesting. I know some people like the romance novels that I have seen at airports or railway station book stalls but I outgrow those by the time I turned 24. Michael Chrichton, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Anne Rice, Stephen King – these are some of my favourite novelists.

2. Extra set of clothes. I don’t want to be bothered about sending my clothes to the laundry service of the hotel that I am staying at. It is a bother unless I am staying for more than a week. So I will pack a bunch of shirts and underwear and make sure that I am covered – literally & figuratively!

3. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Candy bars, specialty chocolate, home made – it doesn’t matter. I would prefer to try the more expensive ones that look really good but you never usually buy. However during a vacation, I wouldn’t mind just going to the supermarket and buying the usual brands. I need chocolate to relax on a vacation. I must have some.

Prompt from 30 Days Of Writing Prompts For June at The Sits Girls