Gratitude – 1

Make a gratitude list.
I think I am going to do a gratitude list every week for a couple of weeks if I can. Let me start with this one. I am grateful for the level of technology that we currently enjoy. At times I just sit back in awe looking at the advancements that have happened just in the last 10 years forget my lifetime of almost 45 years.

Especially now during the pandemic, this technological advancement is a real benefit for us. Imagine if you couldn’t pay your bills online! Imagine if you couldn’t transfer money using your computer or mobile app while sitting in the comfort of your room. Imagine if you couldn’t order cooked dishes or coffees from your favourite restaurant or cafe during the Pandemic for your meals. Imagine if you couldn’t order online for your grocery and essential supplies.

Imagine if you didn’t have cabe, high speed broadband internet or streaming services so you can relax and keep yourself entertained during the off hours from work. Imagine that you couldn’t do your work from home (I know a lot of people can’t but a lot of us can). I can’t even think about that kind of situation. So I am glad that I live in these times. I am grateful.

Prompt from 30 Days Of Writing Prompts For June at The Sits Girls

Lockdown Extended Till 16th June

The lockdown in Kerala, which was to have ended on June 9, has been extended by a week till June 16. There will be a complete lockdown with no movement allowed on June 12 and 13, an order by the Kerala Chief Minister’s Office said. Stores selling essential commodities, raw materials for industries (including packaging), construction materials and banks will continue to function as they are doing now, it added.

The Covid death toll in the state crossed the 10,000 mark on Monday. In a statement issued here, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that 9,313 people turned positive after 70,569 samples were sent for testing in the past 24 hours, taking the total active cases to 1,47,830. The day saw 221 Covid deaths, taking the total death toll to 10,157. Vijayan had, last month, warned that the death rate has every chance to go up as the number of daily cases last month had crossed 40,000. The lockdown extension came though last week indicating that the stringent restrictions would be withdrawn if the test positivity rate for three successive days comes below 15 per cent and the total number of active case drops below two lakh.

But despite the two parameters being accomplished and Monday’s TPR at 13.20 per cent, the high-level official meeting here decided to extend the lockdown till June 16. The day, however, saw 21,921 people turn negative, taking the total cured to 24,83,992. Across the state there were 6,32,868 people under observation which included 39,061 people in hospitals, while the state had 889 hotspots.