Enjoying The Games

Football tournaments is always an enjoyable time for fans like me. Whether it is the Euros or the World Cup or even the Copa America (the latter of which I rarely actually watch other than the semis & finals), I love watching international football tournaments. Since the Euro2020 got delayed due to the pandemic, it is something which I was looking forward to a lot during the last year.

Along with the games I (like man others) also enjoy having my snacks while I watch the games. This weekend I couldn’t get any beer and since I had just recovered from a bad cold, I wasn’t planning on drinking rum or vodka. Coke was the choice for drinking along with coffee. I enjoy popcorn or chips like Lays or Bingo. What are the best flavours of chips – for me it is American Cream & Onion and Tangy Tomato. Yum!

These go well with beer, vodka+Sprite, rum+Coke or even coffee. Amazing to enjoy these while watching a good game.