Staying In Touch

How Do You Stay In touch with far-away friends?

You know it’s funny how despite us living in the best time to keep in touch with people who live far away from you. You have emails, Facebook – posts, messages text & face chat, cell phones, SMS, Whatsapp and other texting apps, FaceTime, Zoom calls, Webex and other conference options etc etc! But it is found that people still do not find the time to keep in touch with friends and/or family members.

I have many friends on Facebook who are from my childhood and later on – how often do you think we actually chat or speak to each other? Zero. Well there are a couple of them who I do chat with but even that is a very rare case. But I do have a couple of friends who I am in regular contact with. But just two out of all those hundreds. Well if your friends are like that, imagine your cousins and relatives?

I have some cousins who live abroad and who don’t seem to have the time for the rest of us. In the US & UK and I get the time difference but that is no excuse. I work nights as do a couple of the others in India but it does seem like they do not have the inclination to keep in touch. Even on a group chat in Whatsapp. They aren’t that busy and also you would think that during a pandemic where most people were inside their homes for the most part, they would reach out more. Nah!

I guess they still didn’t have the time. Or felt it was necessary.

Prompt from 31 Days Of July Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls