Email Me!

Is email a dead form of communication? Unless it is for official purposes I mean. For that I think email is still very important and needed, especially for sharing documents and passing on information and it is critical that you have a working email id that you check on a regular basis.

In the workplace Email is an important method of business communication that is fast, cheap, accessible and easily replicated. Using email can greatly benefit businesses as it provides efficient and effective ways to transmit all kinds of electronic data. On a regular work day I might sent anything between 20-50 emails in just a 9 hour window. However on the personal front that has changed a lot. I don’t think I have sent more than a handful of personal emails in the last 10 years.

I remember when emails first came out and getting an email from a friend or relative was a big deal. Also getting emails from the friends you made online was a cause for celebration. However Whatsapp and in particular Facebook and Messenger apps have almost killed out the need for sending out emails. Sometimes Messenger works just like an email would if you are not online – when you come back you can respond to them and carry on a conversation. But I do miss that personal email writing etiquette and personal touch that goes into a reply.

Getting Lazy To Go Outside

I’m getting really lazy to go outside. Ever since the second lockdown which was from May 8th till the second last week of June. Things have eased up a lot and shops are open (except for malls & theatres and public gatherings) and you can go outside for buying stuff and seeing people. However if you are getting your groceries delivered to you, can order burgers and pizza or other meals and get it delivered to you, motivation to go out is very less.

Oh yeah and I forgot that I only went to work at the office for a couple of weeks when things started to get bad again in the state and we were told do not come to the office. So now, I had no reason to go out at all. And then the lockdown started as mentioned above and I settled back into that dull, boring but safe and cozy schedule of work, eat, watch tv and sleep at home. It gets too comfortable and you don’t want to change it.

Unfortunately, we don’t get alcohol delivered. Yeah! we live in a terrible society. And I have run out of vodka! I haven’t had a beer in ages and all I have left is some rum. Yet I was too lazy to go out yesterday and shop for some. Damn it! I guess I will go next Monday before work.