Kellogg’s Energy Bars

Protein bars can be a convenient way to add carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. Also, they may curb appetite, fuel a workout, or support muscle repair after exercise. An energy bar is full of carbohydrates and sugars to give an instant boost of energy. While a protein bar has high protein content which works as a meal replacement bar. An Energy Bar is best for an instant boost of energy while a Protein Bar is for fulfilling the protein needs. I actually did not know that these were different.

Energy bars generally don’t contain sugar alcohols, since these bars, due to type of carbohydrate content, don’t require low calorie sweeteners to improve their taste. Fats in energy bars are kept to minimum and their main sources are often cocoa butter and dark chocolate. I usually don’t have them but I have had a few in past, usually Yoga bars. Since I work till 3:30 am, I have bought a few of them for a late night charge up since I want to avoid snacks late at night

Kellogg’s K-Energy Bar Variety Pack 230g was something I found on Amazon India. I had never had these before. The variety pack has a total of 8 Bars – 3 x Protein Almonds & Berries, 3 x Choco Nutty, 2 x Berry Yoghurty and they say it has the power of nuts, fruits & grains. I liked the almond & berries ones and the choco nutty. My least favourite was the berry yoghurt flavoured ones which was actually my favourite from Yoga bars. But these are ok overall.

Relaxation Seeker

When you’re on vacation, are you an adventure-seeker or a relaxation-seeker?

I would say as of right now or atleast the past few years, I am a relaxation seeker. I wouldn’t to wander far from my room. Unless it’s a bar or the hotel’s restaurant. You see my idea of a vacation, since we don’t really get the traditional 2 weeks or so that you are thinking off, is to relax and not worry about daily life or work at all for the few days that we do get off.

So if I do get say 4-5 days off, then I want to just relax and do nothing. So I usually sleep in a lot and relax on my bed at other times reading or watching tv. And when I am up I would just be at a desk/table and browsing stuff online. But mostly it would nothing strenuous until it is time to select the brand of beer that I will sip from the hotel’s selection as the evening rolls around. Nothing more than that.

If I had more of a choice and days off then I would go to a place where I can explore a bit and see the surroundings, maybe go in for a museum tour or some other touristy thing. As of now, I don’t get those kinds of days off so this will have to do.

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