Dominos In Japan Serves A Fish n’Chips Pizza

Of all the things that is unholy and blasphemous! The debate about the best football team in Europe may be over with the conclusion of Euro 2020, but food jokes about the two finalists, England and Italy, are still continuing unabated on social media. Domino’s Japan has created a ‘Fish and Chips pizza’, that is topped with lemon slices, potatoes, basil and tomato sauce. In a move that some in the media have referred to the monstrocity as “Japan Dominos have invented a dish that insults both England and Italy”!

The ‘Fish and Chips vs Pizza’ memes and jokes started trending just after England and Italy qualified for the finals. Social media users argued which cuisine is better and even turned food pictures into memes with texts like ‘don’t add pineapples to pizza’, ‘you cannot put fish on chips’, ‘fish and chips or pasta’. As the nations were divided after the final match, a food brand has created a pizza to bring the two groups of fans back together. The tweet garnered thousands of reactions and resonated with other users who agreed the invention was an insult to both countries.

Domino’s Japan responded from their official handle “We are sorry our fish and chip pizza has caused so much trouble. We think it’s quite delicious. If you are in Japan and would like to challenge let us knowThumbs up We may be able to work out a plan internally that we can offer to you for free!”

How I Manage My Packing For A Trip

Do you have mad packing skills when you head on vacation? Share your packing tips.

Not really but I think I have become much better at it now and if I were to compare myself from say 6 or 7 years ago to now, I think there is a big improvement. For instance the first thing I used to do – precovid – was to make sure my shirts were all laundered and ironed (by a guy who you can send your clothes to and who will bring it back all neatly pressed, folded and ironed) because the thing I hate most is ironing and folding.

Now that I have those done, I will move onto undershirts and underwear and neatly put them in between those and my trousers/pants. Socks go on next and then towels and lungis (which is what we wear in the house) and on top I will tuck in any books I plan to read on the trip/vacation. I always keep my toiletries in last – shaving foam, razor, spare cartridges, shaving brush, soaps, shampoos and deodorants. Usually I can get a pouch to keep them in.

Anything else if I have space will go in. Finally phone charger, laptop, laptop charger and mouse go into a smaller bag – like a laptop bag – and then I am all set.

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