No Lockdown Restriction Ease For Weekend

Kerala is learnt to have decided against lifting the weekend lockdown and other restrictions, even as relaxations allowed in view of Bakrid end today (Tuesday). Adverse remarks from the Supreme Court in the morning weighed on the government while arriving at this decision a few hours later.

The Supreme Court had termed the relaxations as ‘wholly uncalled for’ even in areas having a high Covid-19 positivity rate and warned that it will take action if the easing of curbs leads to further spread of the virus. It went on to pull up the government for giving in to pressure from traders and said it represented a ‘sorry state of affairs.’

The three-day relaxations did not apply where the Covid test positivity rate was above 15 per cent and where a triple lockdown was in effect. In local self-government jurisdictions where the TPR is lower across A, B and C categories, shops selling essential goods can open for business today.

The government was under pressure from the trading community, represented by the Kerala Vyapara Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi (KVVES), which had dared to take it on by openly flouting the lockdown that had caused huge economic loss to them. The KVVES has been arguing with ‘some logic and even more empathy’ that the ‘unscientific’ implementation of the weekend lockdowns had led to avoidable crowding during the rest of the weekdays. It had hardly had any salutary effect on the TPR.

Strange Laws & Customs in Brazil

1. Ladies cannot go topless on the beaches : Many people mistakenly think that its okay for women to go topless on Brazilian beaches. Sorry guys, that’s not the case. Scantily clad, sure (wait til you see some of those barely-there bikinis!) but taking that top off is officially not allowed. In fact, you could be sited for public indecency or indecent exposure. There seem to be liberties taken during Carnival, however.

2. A Lesson in Brazilian Gestures : Fingers are pretty important, and when it comes to gesturing in Brazil, they really up the ante. For example, if you have a close friend, other people know this when the two of you rub your index fingers together. Watch out, because what Americans use as the signal for “OK” is seen as an insult, much like giving someone the finger. In Australia, Europe, North America, and South Africa, it’s rude to stick your thumb between your middle and index finger, but in Brazil you can let loose and use the finger as much as you like, as it’s a gesture meaning good luck. Lastly, suck on your tongue if you’re feeling left out, and the customary thumbs up or down mean approval or disapproval respectively.

3. Brazil Has an Interesting Way With Prisoners : On the (hopefully) off-chance you ever get sent to a Brazilian prison, they have some innovative programs for inmates to reduce their sentences there. One such program allows them to get decreased time for pedaling a special bicycle that generates electricity for the town plaza. Another program allows inmates to shave four days off their sentence for each book they read, up to a maximum of 48 days. This “Redemption Through Reading” helps prisoners be better educated when they rejoin the outside world.

4. Banking Without Benefits : If you’re planning to visit a Brazilian bank, leave your cell phone out of it. The majority of the country’s cities and towns prohibit cell phone use in banking institutions, and penalize those agencies that do not comply with the law by fining them. It’s understandable, as this law was enforced to protect bank patrons from theft on exiting the banks.

5. It is legal for a man to divorce his wife if he finds out after marriage that she wasn’t a virgin.

6 .It’s illegal to sell watermelons in the city of Rio Claro. Why does this law exist? We have no idea.