How Rock Bands Got Their Names – 3

Metallica : Lars Ulrich’s friend Ron Quintana was brainstorming titles for a new metal music fanzine, and had proposed ‘MetalMania’ and ‘Metallica.’ When Metallica was abandoned as a possible title, Ulrich snapped it up for the band he’d just formed. ‘Metal Massacre I,’ a 1982 compilation album, featured Metallica’s first recorded track – but early pressings listed the band incorrectly as “Mettallica.”

Motley Crue : Mötley Crüe bassist and founder NIkki Sixx considered naming the band Christmas, but the other members hated it. While brainstorming, guitarist Mick Mars remembered that while playing with a band called White Horse, a bandmate referred to his group as “a motley looking crew.” Mars scribbled the name down as Mottley Cru. After tweaking the spelling for full rock potential, “Mötley Crüe” was eventually selected. The two metal umlauts were allegedly added by singer Vince Neil, who had been inspired by the German beer Löwenbräu.

Motorhead : “Motorhead” is actually used in reference to amphetamine users. The band’s name is usually printed in a lowercase with an umlaut character ö, which is possibly derived from the similar “heavy metal umlaut” in the name of their 1975 acquaintances Blue Öyster Cult. It should be noted, the umlaut is not grammatically necessary and does not alter the pronunciation of Motorhead’s name.

Rainbow : Deep Purple veteran Ritchie Blackmore began recording with Ronnie James Dio in 1973, using Dio’s band Elf as additional musicians – but still in search of their own name. They ultimately turned to the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood for inspiration. Using a rotating group of musicians, Rainbow remained active through 1984, and reformed between 1993-97 before Blackmore resurrected the band again in 2015.

REO Speedwagon : Named for manufacturer Ransom Eli Olds, the REO Speed Wagon was introduced in 1915 as a groundbreaking predecessor of the pickup truck. Fast forward to 1967, and keyboardist Neal Doughty learns of the name, taking it for his newly formed band. “I sometimes say that’s the only thing I learned in college,” Doughty has said. “I was in a class which studied the history of transportation – and one day I walked in and ‘REO Speed Wagon’ was written on the blackboard.”

Earth’s Population :It Can’t Go On Forever

Your thoughts on the state of the world’s population (World Population Day, 11th)- this can get a bit controversial!

Controversial my ass! This earth is overpopulated when it comes to humans. And, sorry to say this if you get easily butt hurt, but there are certain sections of humanity, especially belonging to a couple of religious sects, who seem to want to manufacture as many kids as they can and they even have their religious leaders encouraging their women to bear as many as they can to further their cause. This won’t last long!

There is only so much resources that this planet can bear to spare and it seems that we are so greedy, wanting more and more. The earth is doing as much as it can to try and provide all that we want & need but she too has her limits. One day things will start to get really difficult for us unless we can find ways of getting what we want without over taxing the earth. Or what we need to do is invest in space travel so we can find alternate sources out there in the galaxy, colonize a few planets and moons.

Sometimes I feel like the earth has had enough of us and from time to time lets loose a virus that leads to a pandemic and new diseases that can kill off huge sections of society. Mostly humans. Or a few earthquakes and tsunamis. Wipe out as much life as possible and start over again.

Prompt from 57 Fun Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for July @ Pretty Opinionated