Little White Lies

Is it ever okay to tell a little white lie? Explain your opinion.

Short answer yes! It depends on the situation. As I grew older I found that I did not appreciate people lying to me and also I developed a hatred towards lying for anything. Call it maturity on my part (hey, it had to happen someday) or whatever but I just feel that when you lie it always creates issues for you later on. You have to then cover up the lie and back it up with possible 1 or more other lies and hope it all doesn’t tumble like a house of cards in a tornado.

But I do lie. Little white lies. I remember the main person I used to say this to. My former manager – do you know why? This guy had a problem with his team members leaving home on time. So when I was working the morning shift, which was like 8:30 am or 9am and 9 hours later it was the end of the shift, other people could leave but we had to go and check with him if there was any of his work that he wanted us to do because he was a lazy bum and liked to just talk to people. So I used to lie to him that I had things to buy for home and that my mother or father needed help and was waiting for me.

All this just so I could leave 1 or 2 days on time. Otherwise I would have to wait for 2-3 hours and not get paid overtime, because this guy was too lazy to enter data into a online portal that the corporate team looks into. And it was his job! Yet he couldn’t do it. Or some other shit like that. So I would lie.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS From Living A Sunshine Life