Yoga Bar Chocolate Chunk Nut Energy/Protient Bars

Made for the travel, the gym, the office snack and everything in-between, our multigrain energy bars are filled with micro and macro nutrients like whole grains, nuts, berries and seeds. Healthy, Yummy, Guilt-free! What’s not to love? Yoga Bars are my favourite energy bars that I can snack on in between work or when I just don’t have enough time to go and make something but I just need a quick boost of energy.

It’s got more protein and more fibre and zero of the stuff we shouldn’t have. 30% of these bars are just nuts and seeds because they’re nutrient bombs that pack in a lot of nourishment. And hey, they’re also crunchy! Each bar has only 5.6 grams of sugar but you can also look for the sugar free ones. These are with dark chocolate so if you are like me and crave that bitter chocolate taste, you will love these. And net carbs is only 7.9g is you are on a low carb diet!

The Chocolate Chunk Nuts Energy Bars, which is rated as the best energy bars on Amazon India, are multi-grain energy bars can be had as a quick and easy snack, pre or post-workout bar, or even just a mid-day protein boost! This pack has 10 of them so I was good for a while.

What If Memories Were Money? Would You Be Rich?

Yes. I would be a billionaire several time over and give people like Jeff Bezos serious competition for being richer beyond your comprehension. Infact several Arab countries would come to borrow money from me as they would see me as being richer than all of them combined. Why? Because my brain is nothing if not a reservoir of great memories, good memories, some not so good memories and some really bad memories. Ah, the life I have lived. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I would say that the good memories are ofcourse so sweet and precious that it brings a smile to my face. And maybe even a tear when I think back to these wonderful moments that will never come back again. The sad ones and not so good ones are different – it hurts to think about them but at times you can’t just not think about them because something that happened in the present just reminded you of what had happened 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years ago.

So like I said, I would be rich though not very happy because there are a lot of bad memories or really sad memories in my 45 years. However I try and smile and not get too upset over these ones since I cannot control it or take a time machine and go back to fix things. I wish I could. Maybe if I did become a billionaire many times over, I could invest into getting a time machine and then I can go back in time and fix those wrongs.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for September @ A Grande Life