The X-Files & Me In Space

This is gonna sound weird to you but I have told you before that I always think about futuristic scifi scenarios and that I and most people I know are alive in that world which is set like a few 1000 years into the future. Think Star Trek with more advanced technology including a force field or personal shield that makes you invincible against any weapon, any natural or unnatural elements like diseases, viruses, harmful rays or anything. Basically invincible as long as we don’t fly into a sun!

So, in this same universe I am part of the X-Files team. Yes that X-Files! However in this dream and in this supreme futuristic universe, the team consists of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, John Doggett & Reyez. Or rather, they are investigators who are part of the Human Federation and are sent on missions to alien planets and settlements in other parts of the galaxy to investigate murders & other crimes. And in this dream they are actually brought together to form a unit, even though they know of each other and have worked briefly together in the past, by Asst. Deputy Director Walter Skinner under orders to get an elite investigating team together under his jurisdiction as the demand for impartial investigators who are alien and have the advanced technology and skills that our team does.

So the setting is on this station in deep space, let’s just call it Deep Space 50 even though I do not remember a mention in my dream. Skinner has summoned all 4 seasoned agents – Agents Mulder, Doggett, Reyes and Agent/Dr. Dana Scully to for a team that will report to him and travel via a small starship and then report back to Deep Space 50 in between cases. So the meeting starts and ofcourse there is the problem with who will lead the team – Skinner decides that there will be no team leader but each agent is given priorities & roles to do during the missions like medical examinations by Scully! Then Skinner says he is adding on a new member to the team who will pilot the spacecraft and also is in charge of weapons and the militaristic android/robots who will be added to the team.

In comes … ofcourse. I am the pilot and investigator, and also from the more militaristic Starfleet section of the Federation, who specializes in weapons and using commands to a more advanced lead robot, I also command the android/robots who are there for helping us and added protection. I am introduced to the team and I professes my admiration for their body of work. We are dismissed and go to a conference room, where I introduce them to the lead roboto and my dog, Shawny, who is also traveling with us. After they all pet the dog I show them 3d images of the starship we will be traveling in for these missions and brief them about the various areas.

There are quarters for each of us, plus in case of emergencies rooms for an additional 6 more people. The rest of the ship consists of a meeting room/dinning room, a big lounge, a couple of labs, work out areas and ofcourse the small engineering section which my lead robot & I can manage. On the second deck is the weapons lockers and a couple of air/water/land vehicles we can use to travel on the planets we visit as well. Everything set, our first mission is to investigate a series of murders on a planet that has 5 alien races who are mining the rich minerals and materials on that planet. They have lived with relatively no problems – just minor skirmishes between the races – but this series of murders is from all 5 races and they are on the verge of an all out battle.

So the next morning we leave headed for the planet and that is just the beginning of our missions. In between we head back to the space station and report to Skinner and the hierarchy. We become really good friends and have fun during the downtime of the missions and even while on the missions. Also Reyes and I develop a romantic relationship, which we keep secret from the rest (though Dana seems to know about it) and have a lot of fun while we are alone.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS From Living A Sunshine Life

RIP Norm MacDonald

Norm Macdonald, the Canadian deadpan comedian, actor, writer and ‚ÄúSaturday Night Live‚ÄĚ star, has died after a private battle with cancer. He was 61. Macdonald‚Äôs cancer diagnosis was kept secret from the public, but he battled it for nine years. Dozens of comedians, like Seth Rogen, Jon Stewart, Ron Funches and Jim Gaffigan, paid tribute¬†to Macdonald, ‚Äúone of the greatest comedians to have ever lived,‚ÄĚ on social media.

Macdonald was born and raised in¬†Quebec City to parents who were both teachers. The comedian got his start in showbiz as a writer on ‚ÄúRoseanne‚ÄĚ in 1992 after making rounds at comedy clubs in Canada. He joined the cast of ‚ÄúSaturday Night Live‚ÄĚ in 1993, and the next year he began his memorable stint as Weekend Update anchor until early 1998, when he was replaced by Colin Quinn. Macdonald was known for his dry humor, non-sequiturs and impressions of Burt Reynolds, David Letterman, Larry King, Quentin Tarantino and many more during his five-year run on the show. After being removed from the role, Macdonald went on CBS’s¬†Late Show with David Letterman¬†and¬†Howard Stern’s¬†syndicated radio show.

Soon after leaving¬†Saturday Night Live, Macdonald co-wrote and starred in the “revenge comedy”¬†Dirty Work¬†(1998), directed by¬†Bob Saget, co-starring¬†Artie Lange, and featuring¬†Chris Farley¬†in his last movie; the film was dedicated to his memory. Later that year, Macdonald voiced the character of Lucky the Dog in the¬†Eddie Murphy¬†adaptation of¬†Dr. Dolittle. He reprised the role in both¬†Dr. Dolittle 2¬†(2001) and¬†Dr. Dolittle 3¬†(2006). In 1999, Macdonald starred in the sitcom¬†The Norm Show¬†(later renamed¬†Norm), co-starring¬†Laurie Metcalf, Artie Lange, and¬†Ian Gomez. It ran for three seasons on¬†ABC.

Earlier in 1999, he made a cameo appearance in the¬†Andy Kaufman¬†biographical drama¬†Man on the Moon, directed by¬†Milos Forman. When¬†Michael Richards¬†refused to portray himself in the scene reenacting the famous¬†Fridays¬†incident¬†in which Kaufman threw water in his face, Macdonald stepped in to play Richards, although he was not referred to by name. Macdonald had also appeared in Forman’s previous film,¬†The People vs. Larry Flynt¬†(1996), as a reporter summoned to Flynt’s mansion regarding secret tapes involving automaker¬†John DeLorean. In 2000, Macdonald played the starring role for the second time in a motion picture alongside Dave Chappelle,¬†Screwed, which fared poorly at the box office.

In 2006, Macdonald again performed as a voice actor, this time in a series of commercials for the Canadian mobile-services provider Bell Mobility, as the voice of Frank the Beaver. In 2013, Macdonald premiered his new podcast, called Norm Macdonald Live, co-hosted by Adam Eget, streaming live weekly on Video Podcast Network, and posted later on YouTube. In March 2018, Netflix announced it had ordered 10 episodes of a new talk show entitled Norm Macdonald Has a Show, to be hosted by Macdonald. The series premiered on September 14, 2018. He has has a recurring voice role as Yaphit in The Orville. In 1988, Macdonald married Connie Vaillancourt, with whom he had a son, Dylan, born 1993. The couple separated in April 1999.