A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

If you had an actual get out of jail free card, what would you do with it?

Hmmm, I would have to really think about this. Would I commit a crime and then get arrested only to pull out this get out of jail free card? Do a little voyeurism at the all women’s college dormitory? Steal a few crore rupees from the big banks?

I think the very best thing I could do is go and slap – I mean literally slap – and kick some sense into some of these bloody politicians and religious leaders and you know, make their lives a living hell as I have not only slapped them but also kicked them in the groin and they have to get treatment to get the pain out.

And that time I am sure that I will be arrested and before the manhandling and jail sentencing can even begin – whoosh, I pull out my get out of jail card and the cops will have to let me go. I will smile and laugh my way back home.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for September @ A Grande Life

Share A Favorite Breakfast Recipe


One of the breakfast options that I really have liked during the past couple of weeks is this that you see up here. This is button mushrooms that cut in half and cooked in butter, with some chicken salami that I also cooked in the same pan. Now the slightly spicy chicken salami that I bought was ofcourse tasty enough as a cold cut but when you cook it along with the mushrooms it takes on a whole new life of it’s own and the taste is enhanced.

So those two added together is delicious on it’s own but then I added a couple chunks of cheddar cheese and added it to the bowl. I didn’t want it to be melted but straight from the fridge and when I add it to the hot mushrooms and salami, it does become a little warm but does not melt. This breakfast in a bowl on a Sunday morning is just hmmmm with a cup of black coffee.