Back At Home After 4 Days In A Hospital

It’s been a few days since I last posted and I have a very good reason for being away. On Thursday early morning at around 2:30 am I got up from bed with a severe cramp on my right leg. That continued on and refused to go away and it started hurting me on my left leg too. The pain refused to go and I couldn’t lie down or sit for over 8 hours. I was taken via ambulance to a hospital and given initial treatment. Since they didn’t have the facility to continue my treatment, I was admitted to another hospital, taken by the same ambulance.

They gave me heavy doses of painkillers to stop it and have done a few tests on me. I have had blood tests done, an ECG, an x-ray and a doppler test. My CPK count was abnormally high. Still yet to find the cause. I had to drink a lot of water and ofcourse that meant that I would also be peeing a lot.I was asked to measure what I drank and what I urinated as well. That would leave me kinda drained a lot as well. More blood tests and pressure tests. Everything is normal except for my CPK count.

Anyways, today the doctor said that I could go home. I was discharged and my cousin & sister went to pay the bills and collect all the forms. I have medicines for a few days and I have to go next week and take another blood test and then see the doctor. I will be on complete rest for the next few days but might contribute to work in between for some time.