Do You Ever Day Dream? What Do You Day Dream About?

Do you ever day dream? What do you day dream about?

Many of you would know about my fascination with science fiction and futuristic worlds & universe in which space travel is so easy, it’s the equivalent of traveling in cars or buses or large ships on the sea. I want to live in that era and quench my thirst of exploring the universe, safe in a luxury setting with cushions, sofas, big beds, plenty of food via replicators, plush carpeting, robots to cater to our needs and help us, dogs and cats and other pets able to easy live along with us in the ships. I would like to see families able to just easily move around the planets and solar systems across the galaxy in large family themed spaceship that are more like large homes with 3-4 storeys and vehicles that we drive on an alien planet.

Well my current I, in this futuristic universe, work for a Starfleet like operation and go on this smaller spaceship with the team/crew under me on assignments. While on leave and staying at my home and relaxing having extended family dinners and lunches every two days, I was chilling in my big bedroom’s lounge area with my dog Shawny (who is alive in this scenario) and the large robot who is my assistant. I notice that a few of my cousins had come over to the house and they soon joined me along with my sister. Seeing my 3 male cousins and 1 female cousin, I knew something was up. So they quickly laid the proposal onto me – they wanted to see if we could all go on a long trip out in space!

Well since I have connections due to being an officer in Starfleet, I could easily find a large spaceship to house our extended family – cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces & nephews, various pets and everyone’s family help robots. I thought about and was looking at how many of us would be coming. So my sister & cousins wanted it to be everyone and that would mean – 65 humans including all the kids, 7 dogs and assorted civilian help robots. I noted down all of the family members of the 5 of us and the robots would be coming for sure and let my cousins ensure to contact and check with everyone else.

While they were doing all this, I spoke to my parents and they were very enthusiastic about this. My cousins and some uncles and aunts may need to take long, long leaves but this was worth it and it would be ok for them to take the leaves for as long as they want. And for me as well! So I plan this out so that I can spend all the months that we want together. I then use my contacts to ask around for a civilian style spaceship – all the luxuries of a resort style home, hotel or mansion and check through various options that I can rent out. Speaking with my cousins I realized we needed atleast 35 bedrooms suites so everyone can sleep and relax in with all the comforts of home. Ofcourse the 7 dogs will be in each owner’s bedrooms on their own beds.

I confirm this with my cousins who check and agree. It looks like every cousin is excited about this as well as most of my uncles and the kids. Even my mom and aunts seem to be enthusiastic and looking forward to family bonding time in space. They know everyone will be safe as in this fictional universe I created (like Star Trek with even more technological advances) we have this forcefield that protects us from any harm like biological or any weapons that any aliens can throw at us making us invincible. So my family will be free from harm as long as they wear the suits encased with the forcefield or are inside the forcefield at all times.

So I find a suitable spaceship with around 40 bedroom suites – perfect! It also had game rooms, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, etc with giant comfy sofas enough for all of us plus 10 in the living room areas, several round tables for drinking coffee and having meals and also playing cards and other board games. The bottom section of the spaceship houses the vehicles that we can use to travel on another planet or moon. The upper section will have the bedroom suites for us to sleep and dress. This was then booked and I sent the information to all my cousins so they could share it with their spouses and parents.

The day is picked and I get a confirmation that everyone is coming on board and we fix a tentative schedule which will have an equal time on resort planets where there are lots of other humans, some space travel and other alien planets that are most devoid of sentient life but have wonderful sights to see in planet, animal and ocean life that we can all experience. Something for all adults and kids alike. By the time I finalize everything and share the itenary and flight path, we realize that it will be a few months before we come back but that suits us fine.

So on the auspicious day, me with my lead robot gather Shawny and my parents with our robots in tow go and take over the ship and one up one all my relatives – cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and s start to come in and look for their assigned rooms & suites. It’s noisy with a lot of chatter and kids running around as well as 3 other dogs barking and wagging their tails. I chuckle to myself and on the bridge assign the orders to the robots who are piloting the spaceship and taking care of the other aspects of the ship. A couple of my cousins come in and look over the controls on the bridge. Once I was done, my cousins and I went to join the rest and get some beers from the drinks & food replicators.

Soon everyone is in the lounge and living areas, drinking and munching on something as it is almost dinner time. Our ship has now taken off and we are headed to our first destination. Soon we are all eating a big dinner with all of our favourite dishes and more beer. Once the dinner is done, we sit on the sofas and crack jokes and share anecdotes while the kids play and the older folks all talk about this and that. By midnight the elders and kids have retired to their rooms and we cousins are following suit after one final beer. I go to my room last, after bidding everyone a goodnight and I get my main robot to do an automated check on all systems on a regular interval and then change to my pjs.

As I yawn and get to the bed I see Shawny has already climbed up on the bed claimed one section for herself. “Really?” I ask her and she sleepily wags her tail and gets up so I can move the sheets. I get in and tuck myself in and ensure Shawny is covered with some of the sheet so she can sleep in cozy comfort. I call out the command to switch the lights out and drift off to sleep.