RIP James Michael Tyler AKA Gunter From FRIENDS

James Michael Tyler, the actor best known for his role as Gunther, the general manager of the Central Perk coffee shop on “Friends,” died Sunday of cancer, his manager said. He was 59. Tyler, who was diagnosed with an advanced form of prostate cancer in September 2018, became an advocate for others with the disease, his manager, Toni Benson, said in a statement. Tyler’s “Friends” costars paid tribute to the actor late Sunday on social media.

Tyler was initially intended to play an extra on “Friends,” but his “unique spirit” got him promoted to a named character, the hit show’s co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane said in a tribute on Sunday to the “genuinely kind, sweet man.” In “Friends,” Tyler played Gunther, who makes the gang coffee every day while nursing an unrequited crush on Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston.  This led to a ten-year career with appearances in 148 of Friends‘ 236 episodes; he is the show’s most-frequently-appearing recurring character actor. He also appeared in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and other TV movies and shows.

The actor appeared in the highly-anticipated “Friends” reunion in May 2021 via video link. He chose not to attend in person because he “didn’t want to bring a downer on it,” but had enjoyed the opportunity to “make his appearance light-hearted” and connect with the cast and crew again, who were supportive of his diagnosis, he told NBC’s Craig Melvin in June. While he was undergoing treatment, Tyler starred in two short films, “The Gesture and the Word” and “Processing,” Benson said. He is survived by his wife, Jennifer Carno, whom Benson called, “the love of his life, ever united in good times, in sickness, and for eternity.”

DĂ­a de los Muertos – Day Of The Dead

Halloween, celebrated annually on October 31, is one of the world’s oldest holidays. Although it’s derived from ancient festivals and religious rituals,  Halloween is still widely celebrated today in a number of countries around the globe. In countries such as Ireland, Canada and the United States, traditions include costume parties, trick-or-treating, pranks and games. Versions of the holiday are celebrated elsewhere, too. In Mexico and other Latin American countries, DĂ­a de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead—honors deceased loved ones and ancestors.

In Mexico, Latin America and Spain, All Souls’ Day, which takes place on November 2, is commemorated with a three-day celebration that begins on the evening of October 31. The celebration is designed to honor the dead who, it is believed, return to their earthly homes on Halloween. Many families construct an altar to the dead in their homes to honor deceased relatives and decorate it with candy, flowers, photographs, samples of the deceased’s favorite foods and drinks, and fresh water. Often, a wash basin and towel are left out so that the spirit can wash before indulging in the feast.

Candles and incense are burned to help the deceased find the way home. Relatives also tidy the gravesites of their departed family members. This can include snipping weeds, making repairs, and painting. The grave is then decorated with flowers, wreaths, or paper streamers. On November 2, relatives gather at the gravesite to picnic and reminisce. Some gatherings even include tequila and a mariachi band.