Holiday Gift Shopping During December

Do you love holiday shopping or dread it? Share some shopping survival tips.

One of the best things about living in a non-gift giving for Christmas culture like India, if that you do not have to worry about is giving out gifts for Christmas or birthdays (unless you are a kid who is having the birthday). So there might be a few Christian families that do exchange gifts for Christmas and/or New Year but it is kinda rare. The most you have to worry about is the office or college Christmas Santa thing and that usually has a very reasonable budget and buying 1 or 2 of those gifts is very easy to do.

¬† So yeah, as a kid I got gifts for my birthday but that was such a long time ago. It’s been ages. I have bought a few gifts for my niece & nephews but that too is rare. If I lived in a Western country, I guess I would easily be able to adjust and buy some gifts for close family & really close friends and also receive some from them. That is fun in itself and I guess exciting to see people’s eye light up when they get something nice from you and your own excitement on getting that thing you like from a close friend or family member. It really is a warm feeling.

So here is my shopping tip – stay in a country like India if you want to save money. At the most I buy is a nice dinner for the 25th & New Year’s Eve and maybe a cake or two, which we also give to our neighbours. And maybe some alcohol to go along with those dinners.



Avatar¬†(marketed as¬†James Cameron Avatar) is a 2009 American epic¬†science fiction film¬†directed, written, produced, and co-edited by¬†James Cameron¬†and starring¬†Sam Worthington,¬†Zoe Saldana,¬†Stephen Lang,¬†Michelle Rodriguez, and¬†Sigourney Weaver. The film is set in the mid-22nd century when humans are colonizing¬†Pandora, a lush¬†habitable moon¬†of a¬†gas giant¬†in the¬†Alpha Centauri¬†star system, in order to mine the valuable mineral¬†unobtanium. The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of¬†Na’vi¬†‚Äď a¬†humanoid¬†species indigenous to Pandora. The film’s title refers to a¬†genetically engineered¬†Na’vi body¬†operated from the brain¬†of a remotely located human that is used to¬†interact¬†with the natives of Pandora.

Avatar¬†premiered in London on¬†December 10, 2009, and was released in the United States on¬†December 18¬†to positive reviews, with critics highly praising its ground-breaking visual effects. During its theatrical run, the film broke several box office records and became the¬†highest-grossing film at the time, as well as in the¬†United States and Canada, surpassing Cameron’s¬†Titanic, which had held those records for twelve years. Avatar¬†remained the highest-grossing film worldwide for nearly a decade until it was overtaken by¬†Avengers: Endgame¬†in 2019, before a Chinese re-release saw¬†Avatar¬†retake the top spot in March 2021. Adjusted for inflation, Avatar¬†is the¬†second highest-grossing movie¬†of all time after¬†Gone with the Wind¬†with a total of more than $3 billion.

The Bastard MotherFucker Is Dead & I Am Not Feeling Sorry

One of the biggest problems with our society in India is that they choose to ignore and keep quite about a disgusting human being (and I use those last two words lightly) and choose to bury your head in the sand about this things he has done, just to avoid bringing attention to it. Avoid the shame. How would you be able to show your face in public if people knew? So you push it to the back of your mind, ignore it and conveniently even treat it as if it was “normal”. And you adjusted to it – after all it didn’t happen to you or to your kid, right? It’s ok to forget. It’s easy. So you forgot.

This is because of the sense of “normalcy” about this vile excuse of a human being, who would abuse his wife and even once raped his own daughter, because it happened in the early 80s (81 or 82 I guess). At that time, until very recently, it was so common for such things to not go reported because “how on earth will we face the public? The shame that it will bring to our family when everyone will know.” Even when someone saw this man naked with his two young daughters (way too young for them to know) and reported it, due to the shame it might bring, charges were dropped. The mental abuse to his wife continued on for a while, until the children became bigger.

So now he is dead. After suffering a long time with an illness. But he flourished. Was a respected doctor. Most people who interacted with him outside the work place would get the feeling that something was off with him but he did well in life. Had 7 kids, controlled them (not raised, controlled) for as much as he could until 1 daughter told him to “fuck off” and she went to live her life the way she wanted to.

But generally now that he is dead in his late 70s, people want to forgive him. “Oh poor man, it is sad” Why? Because he prayed? He goes to temple or TEMBLE as the bastard used to say! He does pooja in his home to please the imaginary dieties who he feels has enabled him smug superiority and gave him what he wanted in life. Is that the reason he went scot-free?