The Presents Of The Past

Since we do not give or receive gifts for the holiday season, unlike in some countries, I was thinking about the other gifts that I have received over the years and the ones that stood out. I was thinking about this bike I got from my parents when I was 14 or 15. Back then, 1990 I think, which was something I really wanted. Street Cat, which was an Indian brand, was very popular at the time and their commercials were all over tv. I asked for it and I think for my birthday or maybe for New Year’s or something, I came back home from classes and saw the bicycle waiting for me.

One of my cousins who had come back from Singapore, where she was and still is staying, for a visit brought me some nice men’s cologne and shaving cream that she has selected just for me. A girlfriend of mine gave me a locket, which was made of ivory and something else which I can’t remember, that I absolutely loved and I wore it on my gold chain for a few years. Many years later, from one of my previous offices I was gifted a brass peacock, a large 3d image that you can use as a wall display of 2 parrots, a notebook/calendar and a teddy bear. I still have the first 2 and the 4th ite,.

Ofcourse over the years I have received many comic books and novels as gifts, many toys ofcourse from my uncles, aunts and parents for my birthdays. All were great to receive and were treasure.