Pizza – The Greatest Gift That Italy Gave The Rest Of The World

If you could eat one food for a whole month (health concerns aside! lol), what would you pick?
Pizza! Pizza is my favourite food, the best gift that Italy has given mankind. It is the best thing ever and it can cure your ails and the blues. Breakfast, brunch, dinner, tea, three o’clock in the morning – pizza is perfect. Pizza will wait for you. Pizza is your best friend. Fear not because in the morning it will still be there, and it’ll taste as good as it did the previous night. There are few better words than “the pizzas are on their way”. Pizza tops the list of the most popular foods in the world. Every year, people consume around 5 billion pizzas.

Pizza is popular due to its simplicity of preparation. If there is any other food easier to prepare and healthy, pizza tops that list. Pizza is made with some fresh vegetables that make it helpful, especially to vegetarians.

Pizza is also a popular meal following different ways of customizing it. One common thing with several pizza outlets is that the meal is prepared according to customer specifications. This eliminates any possibility of inclusions of the ingredient that may not match the customer’s dietary requirement. Pizza is also customized to fit customers’ tastes depending on their cultural and religious beliefs. The fact that pizza can be customized to match individuals’ needs makes it attractive to most people. When you are out in your favorite food joint, chances are you will get pizza in different choices that will ultimately leave you wanting to eat more.

Pizza will always be delicious, either hot or cold. You can go ahead and change these options to fit your taste and preference and still make a kill. What would be my perfect pizza? Ok, let’s give it a try – I want a tomato sauce based one and a white sauce or Alfredo sauce one. On the tomato sauce one – I want Pepperoni, mushrooms, Italian sausages and green peppers. On the Alfredo sauced one – I want grilled chicken, bacon, jalapenos, bell peppers and caramalized onions.


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Medals Design

The 2022 Winter Games medals are called “Tong Xin,” meaning “together as one.” For the design, Chinese organizers said they pulled from their country’s tradition and culture to influence the look of the medals. Since Beijing is a two-time Olympic host city, organizers said they wanted to include a nod to the 2008 Summer Games in the design. Lin Cunzhen, the director of arts for the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, said organizers pulled from similar design choices used in 2008.

“We used jade into the design of the medals, which is in line with the 2008 Olympic medals. It’s a reflection of Beijing being a two-time Olympic city,” she said. The use of jade, a precious stone, has its roots in ancient Chinese history, Lin told reporters. The medals feature five rings, and the carved designs around their perimeters are based on traditional Chinese calligraphy. “XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022” is also engraved on the back along with its Chinese translation.