Getting A SmartWatch As A Gift : Zebronics ZEB-FIT6220CH

The digital revolution has brought many health devices to our shores including a fitness band. I am getting this one as a gift from my employers. This fitness band is called Zebronics ZEB-FIT6220CH, which has Bluetooth v5.0 syncing feature along with a undefined battery. It has real-time Sp02, blood monitoring, heart rate monitor. It comes with 8 sports modes, 7 days of data storage, dual menu UI, 100 pre-built watch faces so you can choose or customize it according to your liking or preference. Get your fitness groove on without the worry of splash and spills as the ZEB-FIT6220CH smart fitness watch is IP68 water-resistant. Inside the box the users get Fitness Band, User Manual, Warranty Card. The display type is TFT LCD and this fitness band charges fully in Up to 2 Hours.


  • Large square display
  • Functional crown
  • Oxygen saturation SpO2 monitor, Blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor
  • Call function
  • Voice assistant support
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 8 sports modes
  • 7 days of data storage
  • Dual menu UI
  • 100 pre-built watch faces

3 Ways How You Will Treat Yourself This Year

Write down 3 ways you will treat yourself during the year

I don’t know about 3 ways but the major way that I will treat myself, now that things have calmed down a lot more with Covid and things are more open, I will check and see when I can get a few days off and budget permitting, I will once again book a hotel room for myself as a sort of staycation. All I would want is to book a hotel room, one with a comfortable and large bed, free wifi, room service and a tv. I would sleep, read, internet (the verb) and watch a few movies while drinking a bit and eating whatever they can deliver to me. That would be the best way to unwind and relax and recharge my batteries.

I’m gonna buy a few new shirts to upgrade my wardrobe. I haven’t in a while, mainly because of the pandemic and since I barely went out, why buy new clothes. So I have just ordered my first one and if I like that one, I will order a few more from that brand. I also need new pants and I guess I have to go out and find a few. Wearing new threads will make you feel new(ish) and make you feel a lot more fresh. It’s a great way to pamper yourself.

I think I will get a new smartphone this year. I currently have 2 phones – my Oppo F11 Pro is almost 4 years old and my main phone, which is the RealMe X2 Pro is gonna be 2 in July. I think I will sell off the Oppo and get a new phone to be my main one and keep the RealMe as my backup.

Prompt from 28 Enchanting February Journal Prompts for 2022 from