Just 24 Hours For Us To Live?

If you only had one day to live, how you’d spend it

Is it just me that’s going to die in 24 hours or the rest of the world as well? Let’s say we have this huge, catastrophic event on a global scale – the earth is about to hit by huge asteroids and the impact will kill off each & every living thing on earth! Not even cockroaches will survive (good!) and not even germs and viruses. Everything that is termed alive will be killed off. The earth will initially have tsunamis the side of mountains hit many areas and then heat from the exploding celestial bodies hitting each other will burn out everything on the surface. Leaving behind no trace of anything ever having existed on earth.

Nice, cheerful thought eh? I’ve always thought about what I’d do for the end of the world.  I’d hope that my cousins and I can gather all our close family & relatives in one big place. Have everyone under one roof so we can go out together. Huddled in one big, huge room or hall. Get all the best food we can lay out hands on; it doesn’t matter which particular ones but for sure beef, chicken, pork & bacon, fish will be on the menu. Pizza, burgers, fried rice, naan, porotta & noodles. Fried stuff, curry stuff, grilled stuff. Lots of beer, vodka, brandy and whiskey. Lots of fruit, milkshaked, juices and ice cream.

Loud music playing on speakers, all our favourite hit songs of all time. Large tables set up, each staggering under the weight of the food. Lots of jokes and laughter. And yeah some of them will be crying as well. I won’t! I will be happy. To go out with all my loved ones near me and enjoying food and drink and everyone in one place. That is something that is difficult to achieve but we did it. I would be happy. And as the hours and minutes tick on by and we reach the end and as the world breaks apart and just before everyone is killed instantly, I will look around at everybody and smile. Good bye & good night!

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Arsenal Beat Sevilla 6-0 To Win The Emirates Cup

Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick on his first appearance at Emirates Stadium as Arsenal beat Sevilla 6-0 in the Emirates Cup. Bukayo Saka struck twice, with the Gunners 4-0 up inside 19 minutes against the La Liga side. Eddie Nketiah rounded off the win after a flowing counter-attack move. Arsenal’s victory over Sevilla ends a successful pre-season campaign, during which Brazilian Jesus scored seven goals after his £45m move from Manchester City.

It was Saka who opened the scoring from the penalty spot after he was brought down in the area, before Jesus doubled the hosts’ lead, firing home Granit Xhaka’s low cross. He added a third just two minutes later, and Saka matched him before the 20-minute mark, pressing high and finishing well. Xhaka went close to a fifth before Jesus grabbed his third from close range. Nketiah completed the scoring a minute from time.

Crystal Palace, who secured a 4-2 win over Montpellier with Wilfried Zaha, Odsonne Edouard – who scored two – and Marc Guehi getting the goals for Patrick Vieira’s side, are the season openers for Arsenal next week. The Gunners will visit Palace on Friday night to see if their pre-season form can continue into the season proper.

Books & Social Media

How do you think social media has impacted the book world?

I think the best way that social media can impact the book world is reader recommendations, ratings and basic marketing. Like on Twitter for example you can share the latest book that you have read and rate it on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10. Authors or publishers can share the latest book in publication or even well before it gets published to garner eager readers to start wanting it.

Bloggers can write small synopsis and rate the books that they have read. I have done that on occasion but I don’t really read anymore. However it is a great way to spread the world. Facebook posts and on Page/Group posts are another excellent way to drum up interest in a novel or non-fictional book. I am sure that there are 100s or 1000s of Facebook groups dedicated to reading and books. Also you have websites like GoodReads and Book Riot that is dedicated to books and readers.

I suppose you can also use Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and any others to promote new books. All of them will only help get more and more business for the publishers and authors. So I hope you use some of them if not all or get left behind.

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Tavares & Okonkwo Leave On Loan, Odegaard Named Club Captain

Nuno Tavares has joined Ligue 1 side Olympique Marseille on a season-long loan deal. The 22-year-old left-back joined Arsenal in the summer of 2021 from Benfica, and made 28 appearances for the Gunners in all competitions last season, scoring once and assisting twice. Tavares endured an up-and-down first season with the North London giants. The Portuguese full-back made 28 total appearances for Arsenal last season, scoring once and adding two assists. Although he looked reasonably dangerous going forward, he was found out at the back.

Arthur Okonkwo has joined League Two side Crewe Alexandra on a season-long loan. The 20-year-old goalkeeper joined the Arsenal academy aged eight and has continually impressed throughout the age groups. Having been promoted to the first-team at the beginning of last season, Arthur featured in the Gunners’ matchday squad seven times. Also Mikel Arteta has named Martin Odegaard as the club’s new captain.

Meanwhile, the club have agreed personal terms with Leicester’s Youri Tielemans according to reports. But the Gunners are still yet to come to an agreement with Leicester over the figure for the sale. Tielemans has entered the final 12 months of his contract at the King Power Stadium, which has led to intense speculation surrounding his Foxes future. Arsenal are seemingly at the front of the queue for Tielemans’ signature, with The Sun reporting earlier this month that the north Londoners had ‘stepped up their interest’ and were ‘confident’ of sealing a £30m deal.

Visa Free Or Visa On Arrival Destinations For Indian Passport Holders

If you hold an Indian passport, you can now travel to 60 countries in the world without a prior visa. We may not have a powerful passport – in fact it’s only the 83rd in the list of most powerful passports to have in the world, but you can still go to these 60 countries. If a country has a “visa-free” status, you can just travel there with an Indian passport and be allowed to pass through. Even if you do not require a visa, you should still research the entry criteria of the nation you are going.

Ok, so in Europe you can only go to Serbia and in the Americas you have Bolivia & El Slavador. In the Middle East you have Jordan, Iran, Qatar & Oman. You can go to Barbados, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the British Virgin Islands. In Africa you can choose among Kenya, Ethiopia, Gabon, Madagascar, Cape Verde Islands, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Tunisia among others. And in Asia you have Armenia, Thailand, Bhutan, Maldives, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka among them.

In most cases, it is Visa on arrival. Make sure you don’t stay longer than your visa-free period allows; if you’re only allowed to stay for three months, go before your time is up. If you overstay your welcome, you may have difficulty returning there in the future. You are not permitted to work or attend school in the nation you are visiting during your visa-free stay.

Pandorum (2009)

Pandorum is a 2009 science fiction horror film, with elements of Lovecraftian horror and survival adventure. The film was directed by Christian Alvart and produced by Robert Kulzer, Jeremy Bolt and Paul W. S. Anderson, the latter two through their Impact Pictures banner. Travis Milloy wrote the screenplay from a story by Milloy and Alvart. It stars Dennis Quaid, Antje Traue and  Ben Foster.

Filming began in Berlin in August 2008. Pandorum was released on 25 September 2009 in the United States, and on 2 October 2009 in the UK. The film’s title is a fictional slang term for a form of psychosis called Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome (ODS) caused by deep space and triggered by emotional stress. This leads to severe paranoia, delirium, and nosebleeding. The film was poorly received and a box office flop. Despite this, the film has garnered a cult following within the past years as an “underrated gem”.

Six Facts About The Amazing Amelia Earhart

She was only the second person to fly solo across the Atlantic… ever

Amelia Earhart is best known for being the first woman to complete the feat, but it wasn’t like a whole slew of men had accomplished the task before her. She was only the second person ever to do it! The first was Charles Lindbergh, who made the flight in May 1927. Earhart did it in May 1932. She completed the flight in just shy of 15 hours.

The first time she saw an airplane, she was unimpressed

After Earhart’s disappearance, several of her diary entries were published as a book called Last Flight. In one, she recalls the first time she ever saw an airplane. She was ten years old, visiting a state fair in Iowa. She remembers seeing “a thing of rusty wire and wood” that “looked not at all interesting.” Even after someone standing nearby told her that the contraption could fly, Earhart still admitted that she was more impressed with the fancy hat she had just purchased. Little did young Amelia know what the future held.

She wasn’t quite as ahead of her time as you might think

While the playing field in the 1920s and ’30s was far from even, Earhart was not actually the only successful female pilot of the time. Several of her contemporaries were also women who were just as good, if not better, fliers than she. Louise Thaden, for instance, set new records for women’s speed, altitude, and solo-endurance flying in 1929 and remains the only pilot to hold all three records at the same time. Another pioneer, Ruth Nicols, set women’s flight records for speed, altitude, and distance two years later. Earhart was, however, the first female pilot to gain such wide notoriety. Her contemporaries definitely count as amazing women in history that you may not have heard of.

She was hand-picked for the feat that would make her famous

After Charles Lindbergh’s trans-Atlantic flight, publisher George Putnam hoped to duplicate the success and massive media attention that Lindbergh had enjoyed. His opportunity came when a socialite named Amy Phipps Guest bought a small passenger plane with the hopes of becoming the first woman to be flown across the Atlantic. (She was not a pilot.) But her parents refused to let her take such a risky journey. So Guest turned to Putnam, requesting that he find “the right sort of girl” to make the trip in Guest’s stead. Putnam chose Amelia Earhart, capitalizing on her existing passion for flying as well as her resemblance to Lindbergh. He fed the press a nickname for her—”Lady Lindy”—that would become widespread.

She set three impressive records in the same year

In the first five months of 1935, Earhart became the first person—not just woman—to make three impressive flights. That January, she flew 2,408 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland, California, the first person ever to do so alone. In April, she flew from Los Angeles to Mexico City; less than a month later, she flew from Mexico City to Newark. None of those flights had ever been made alone before, by a man or a woman. You go, girl!

She may actually have survived her final flight

Tragically, Amelia Earhart’s fame is bolstered by her mysterious disappearance in 1937. Accompanied by her navigator, Fred Noonan, she set out to fly around the entire world. But on July 2, after the pair set out on the final leg of their trip, which would take them across the southern Pacific Ocean, the plane simply vanished. Though the government conducted a massive search—the most expensive of its kind at the time—no trace of them or their plane was ever found.

This, of course, led many people to theorize that she had actually survived. In July 2017, a mysterious photo was discovered, appearing to show Earhart and Noonan on the Japanese-controlled island of Saipan, that seemed to prove those theorists true. However, the photo has no date, and its legitimacy has been seriously questioned, just like these other conspiracy theories still floating around about Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.

3 Work Days In After Covid-19 Rest

Well, I’ve been back at work for 3 days, having just completed the day’s shift after attending a client call where they were taking us through some of the questions we had regarding a new service we are doing. It went well and to be honest these 3 days have been mostly light work, mostly with me doing a self service module that is taking forever to complete. That is the most irritating thing when you have to do a 2-3 day module in a few hours.

So two more days before a weekend and then I can rest and relax again. I am mostly fully recovered from my Covid related issues. The last remnants of the cough with a phlegm infection seems to have mostly gone. It is now 2 weeks plus a day since I started showing signs of being infected, the 3rd in my home to go down with Covid after mum & dad. So I am happy that we are getting back to normalcy. We had a nice dinner of chapati and chilli chicken – chapathi which we heated up as they are the half-cooked ones and I bought chilli chicken from a restaurant that I like via Swiggy.

What plans for the weekend? I am not sure but I will check and see if I feel up to it, I might go out on Saturday or Sunday and get a pizza from Dominos in Ravipuram. I have asked my cousin to see if he wants to join me. Or if not we can get some KFC which is right next to the Dominos. Either way, I would like to step out and get some fresh air and enjoy a meal outdoors. I haven’t shaved my beard in 2 weeks so I might have to get that done in a day or two. Let’s see!

Chicken 65 – Starter Or Main Dish Favourite

One of my favorite chicken dishes is the South Indian staple Chicken 65 for it’s robust flavor and deep red color. This seems to be a running pattern with popular Indian chicken dishes, i.e. butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and tandoori chicken are all vibrantly red!

It has a funky origin story – most of them attributed to Hotel Buhari in Chennai, India. But some of them say that it’s called Chicken 65 because it was the 65th dish on the menu, or it was marinated for 65 days, or even that it uses 65 ingredients. The list goes on and on – with more absurd stories like it was made from 65-day old chickens, 65 different types of chilis, or that it was created in 1965 for soldiers.


There are two sets of ingredients during the marination and tadka portions. Most of them overlap but maximizes the flavor in both steps.


  • Chicken – It’s crucial to use chicken thighs, not chicken breast. It’s easy to overcook chicken breast to where it’s dry and sinewy with this dish. Chicken 65 is first fried, then tossed in a tadka which makes the fatty thighs very forgiving. Use paneer or cauliflower as a vegetarian variant.
  • Dahi – Translates to curd, is cultured milk that is boiled, frothed, and mixed with a starter to make an Indian-style yogurt in the Indian subcontinent. The dahi in the marinade balances out the chili powder. Substitute it with plain yogurt.
  • Ginger garlic paste – Ginger garlic paste is very common to Indian cuisine. Substitute it with finely minced garlic and ginger in a 1-to-1 ratio.
  • Spices – The spices for Chicken 65 marinade are kashmiri chili powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, cumin powder, and garam masala. Kashmiri chili powder is what lends the natural bright red color, without any food coloring necessary. A little bit of turmeric adds additional color. Everyone has their own blend of spices. In fact, you can also purchase boxed Chicken 65 Masala blends.
  • Curry Leaves – Curry leaves, also known as kadi patta in Hindi or sweet neem leaves, are an aromatic herb found on tropical curry trees which are native to Asia, specifically the Indian subcontinent. There’s no substitute. It’s used in the marinade to really permeate the chicken with its flavor along with the chili powder. Curry leaves can easily be found fresh at Indian grocers and even come in bundles on Etsy. Dried curry leaves also work.
  • Flours – This dish is gluten-free, and we’re using corn flour and rice flour to get the crispy fried chicken. Substitute corn flour with corn starch. The rice flour can be substituted with all-purpose flour.

FRYING AND TADKA : For frying the chicken, you’ll just need any neutral oil of preference. The tadka, or tempering, portion requires a tablespoon of a fat like olive oil or ghee to roast the ginger garlic paste, green chilis (like serranos), kashmiri chili powder, and curry leaves. This is where the curry leaves will get extra crispy and crunchy. The kashmiri chili powder will redden the chicken again, since it becomes a bit brown-ish after frying.

HOW TO MAKE CHICKEN 65 : There are three main portions to making a very flavorful, restaurant-style Chicken 65.

  1. Marinate the Chicken
  2. Fry the Chicken
  3. Toss the Chicken in a Spicy Tadka

Each step is crucial for maximum flavor, crisp, and getting the deep red color on the finished product. So, let’s break it down.

MARINATE THE CHICKEN : To marinate the chicken, add the dahi, ginger garlic paste, kashmiri chili powder, cumin powder, turmeric, garam masala, black pepper, and salt to a bowl. Remove the curry leaves from the sprig and layer them on top of each other. Chop them as evenly as possible with a sharp knife. Toss them in with the marinade.

Next, prepare the chicken. I remove the extra fat from chicken thighs – but this is entirely up to you. Pat the chicken dry. Slice the chicken into about 1-inch cubes. Add them to the marinade and toss it all together.

Cover the chicken with plastic wrap and allow it to marinate in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes, but ideally for 24 hours for the most robust flavors. When you’re ready to fry, add the rice flour and corn flour into the bowl with the chicken and toss it all together so that the flour mixes with the thick yogurt-based marinade. It’ll form a wet batter that’s perfect for frying. If it’s still too wet, add a half tablespoon of rice flour and corn flour at a time.

FRY THE CHICKEN : When you’re ready to fry the chicken, pour neutral oil into a wide, deep pan so that it’s around 3 inches high. Turn the heat on medium, and measure the temperature until it gets to 350°F. While waiting for the oil to get hot, place a cooling rack over a baking sheet. Then, carefully drop in 10-15 pieces of chicken using tongs or your hands. Leave plenty of space between each piece so they don’t get stuck together.

Once the chicken has started browning, use a slotted spoon to gently give them a toss so each side gets crispy. You don’t want to do this too early, otherwise the breading will fall off. The chicken fries up really fast but will be a deep reddish-brown when it’s done. Transfer the chicken to the cooling rack and allow it to drain off the oil. Get started on the next batch of chicken.

To get the chicken even crispier, you can twice fry them as well! By now, the oil will also get a little reddish from the chili powder so it’ll deepen the flavor. Add the chicken back into the oil. This time, fry them for no more than a minute and return them back to the cooling rack.

TOSS THE CHICKEN IN TADKA : While the chicken drains the excess oil, get started on the tadka. A tadka is tempering or blooming spices in a fat to get maximum flavor. Slice the chili peppers at a diagonal.

In a skillet or wok, add about a tablespoon of oil or ghee on low to medium heat. Let it pool to one side, and then add in sliced chilis, kashmiri chili powder, ginger garlic paste, and curry leaves. Fry them until the curry leaves get nice and crispy which will take around a minute or two. Then, add in the fried chicken.

Toss everything completely so it coats the chicken. The skin of the chicken will be a brilliant deep red. This only needs a minute or two to rewarm the chicken before it’s ready to serve.

Ever Faced A Technical Problem With Your Website? How Did You Resolve It?

I’ve been maintaining this website/blog since 2007 and I’ve only had a problem once. All this time and just one issue that was caused by WordPress. A few days ago, I think it was last Wednesday, I woke up and found that several of my posts were missing and each month was only showing 2-3 blog posts and mostly the Images that I post from time to time, without much words in it. All the categories were removed and it showed by default that all posts were in the Uncategorised list but even that count was not showing up.

Not only that I couldn’t log in to my account. It refused to accept my user id and email id and password. I also couldn’t reset my password since it refused to accept my user id and email id that is associated with the account. I was devastated for a while but then contacted my Website server’s support team and the first guy wasn’t very helpful but the second time I tried, the guy was able to identify that it was a WordPress related issue. So he used the most recent backup to fix the issue – I only lost a week’s worth of blog posts – and I could finally log in.

I then changed my password and then checked my blog. Over the next couple of days I rewrote the posts that I had lost, just to ensure that the dates would match up. I didn’t like having these huge gaps in between posts. Then a couple of days later I upgraded WordPress to the latest version, which had just been released earlier this month. Things seem to be fine now.

Prompt from 87 Blog Post Ideas That Will Never Fail You (2022) at Blog Tyrant

RIP David Warner

David Hattersley Warner (29 July 1941 – 24 July 2022) was an English actor, who worked in film, television, and theatre. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and worked in the theatre before attaining prominence on screen in 1966 through his lead performance in the Karel Reisz film Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment, for which he was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Warner portrayed both romantic leads and villainous characters across a range of media, including The Ballad of Cable HogueStraw Dogs, Cross of IronThe OmenHolocaustThe Thirty Nine StepsTime After TimeTime Bandits, TronA Christmas CarolPortrait in EvilTitanicMary Poppins Returns and various characters in the Star Trek franchise, in the films Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and the Star Trek: The Next Generation two-part “Chain of Command” episode.

Warner moved to Hollywood in 1987, where he lived for 15 years. During that time, in addition to Titanic, he was a regular fixture in US television, cropping up in science fiction shows to Twin Peaks and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I will always remember him for his fun role as Prof. Jordan Perry in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, his tragic turn in Omen as the doomed photographer, his role as the human representative St. John Talbot in Star Trek V : The Final Frontier & his awesome portrayal as the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. However most Trekkies will know him from his iconic role as Gul Madred the Cardassian who tortures & interrogates Captain Jean-Luc Picard (there are 4 lights) in the double episode Chain of Command in Star Trek TNG.

Married and divorced twice, he leaves behind 1 child.

Facts About Cowboy Hats

The modern-day cowboy hat dates back to 1865, when hatmaker John B. Stetson built its prototype. Since then, the cowboy hat has become a fashion icon, sported by Western star John Wayne, though the bowler hat quickly outpaced the real West’s cowboy hat. Following are some facts about the hats:

John Wayne Often Wore Cowboy Hats in Films

In his final film, The Shootist, John Wayne sported a custom cowboy hat on his dome. This Wayne-style hat featured a pinched front, a six-inch (15.24-cm) crown, and a triangular crease, a model still sold to this day!

The Shape of the Hat Describes Who You Are

In the case of cowboy hats, your hat’s style and shape represent who you are! For example, a relatively tall hat with a narrow crown was popular amongst cattlemen, both a fashion statement and functional headwear. This hat’s practicality also included tugging it down to fit tighter, protecting against the wind, rain, and sand.

Many Cowboys Preferred the Bowler Hat

Due to its sleek, aerodynamic construction, the bowler hat was much more practical than the cowboy hat for horseback travelers. The bowler was far more skilled at deflecting wind, dirt, and sand than the traditional cowboy hat. So while the cowboy hat was specifically designed for workers out west, many outdoors sported bowlers instead.

There Are Two Major Cowboy Hat Specialty Companies

Although the cowboy-style hat has been around for some time now, nearly two centuries to be exact, there are still two highly reputable, quality brands that sell the original cowboy hat: Resistol and the John B. Stetson Company.

Cowboy Hats Are Described by the X-Factor

The X-factor rating system is the most common way to define a cowboy hat, describing the percentage of pure fur used to craft the hat’s felt. Similarly, the quality of the felt will determine how expensive or inexpensive the cowboy hat will be.

Cowboy Hats Are Mostly Weather-Proof

With the exception of the straw hat, the cowboy hat is designed to handle long hours in direct sunlight or mild rain. As a general rule of thumb, any cowboy hat that is crafted from natural fibers, like the straw hat, should not be exposed to the natural elements for as long.

The Resistol brand, in particular, has been known to craft especially durable hats capable of surviving both rain and snow. However, thunderstorms or heavy rains could break down the felt of a cowboy hat over time.

Reliable Appliance Repair

Everyone likes appliances and as we can’t even think of life without our appliances. And that’s because our appliances makes our lives so much more easier and effective. And who doesn’t love to have bright, shiny new appliances? Great. What if things stop working? We all understand that we are dependent on these appliances on a regular if not daily basis. Having a non-working or defective appliance can cause trouble in the household, possibly even some stress and pressure. You need a reliable repair service where you can find all the major appliance brands that can be repaired to take care of your needs and the needs of those appliances.

You can look for service that have experience in handling a various brands and not have to look out for more than one if your appliances are from different makers. That makes it a whole lot more convenient since you only have to rely on that one service. And on that has good to great reviews from customers and if you happen to have people in your circle who have had experience in dealing with them, all the better. Nothing better than a testimonial from someone you know.

Oh and if they have flexible hours that is icing on the cake. You don’t need to take a day off just to have the repair guys come to your home and fix the faulty appliance.

Alien Animal Safari – Day Dreaming Of Exotic Locals

So I have this dream and wish that we all – everyone who is alive right now – becomes alive in a future that I have dreamed up. A very, very easy living with the advancement of science & technology set in a future about 5000 years from now where humankind has left the earth far behind and settled on 10 planets and 7 moons in a solar system far away from here and there is no illness, no hunger, no killing, no diseases, accidents, murders and due to our force field – which covers our planets and moons, our spaceships / starships, vehicles and even our suits that we use to walk on other planets – making us virtually invincible and because of a virus that combined with the forcefield mutated us, we do not age and therefore can live forever!

Ok, whew! That out of the way, now read this post which is about what I have been day dreaming for several months now. Ok, good. Now once we get to the planets that we are touring we will need land vehicles to get around and see the various sights and scenery and the animals and birds of said planets like a extra-terrestrial safari. So after we leave our solar system, the next day is everyone – my family, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles & aunts – just settling down in their suites and setting up their computer devices so they can keep in touch with folks, studies & work back home. While I had prepared the schedule I had purposefully planned it that way. However the next day, we reach a planet several light years away, that is the first stop with a lot of interest.

So like I mentioned, we need land vehicles – that can also fly to and from the large spaceship and to the planets and moons we will visit. Take a look at these futuristic mini-buses. These are the airport shuttles at the Calgary airport and these have influenced my brain to create similar styled, but with a lot of seats and very comfortable seats at that, vehicles that serve this purpose. So the first planet that we visit is special because it has these huge animals that are like dinosaurs and other old earth creatures give us a chance to see what our earth’s past was like.

So we have 8 of these vehicles and I assign them to each of my 7 cousins who will drive the other vehicles and keep one for myself. The rest of the family will sit in the seats inside the mini-buses as do the robots and we land on the planet and then meet the “safari” organizers. There is a team of around 200 humans and robots on the planet who have plotted paths for visitors to come and travel in similar vehicles and revel in seeing these large animals walk about and react to the humans in vehicles passing by with just a curious glance (no attacks or anything).

As we ride through, riding our mini-buses in a line one after the other, and take in seeing these beautiful large creatures and birds in their natural habitat, while sitting in our air-conditioned comfort and sipping on cold drinks, it feels so great. We take a long break in one open area for a big lunch and then continue through the rest of the safari. By the evening time, we are all eager to get back to our ship so we fly back in and then relax for a while before enjoying a large dinner where we all discuss about the things we saw before retiring back to our rooms/suites for a well needed sleep.